Team Event

I’m hearing that not everyone is aware of the Team Event happening this year.  Sooooo ….. here’s some information for our skiing community ….. let the teaming up begin!!! The below is the information found on page 34 of the Eastern Region Tournament guide:

  • Teams will incorporate Slalom, Trick and Jump across Men/Women/Juniors.
  • Max 5 Women, 5 Men, 5 Juniors for each event (Slalom, Trick, Jump)
  • Teams can be made up of single eventers, 2 eventers, and overall skiers.
  • The top 4 scores for each event (Slalom, Tricks, Jump) for each group (Men, Women, Juniors) will be used for determining the winning Team.
  • You don’t need to be nationally QUALIFIED for an event to compete on a team, however You must be a USA Water Ski member to participate.
  • The East Region Team coordinator is Hutch Haines.
  • The East Region Teams & captains are:
  1.       CT – Matt Byrne
  2.       MA – Dave Allen
  3.       NY – Dean Rudy
  4.       PA – Gary Noll/John Davis
  5.       VA – Steve Lohr
  6.       DC/DE/MD – Brett Brandau
  7.       VT/NH/NJ/ME/RI – Scott Behner

   **Team Captains will be selecting their Teams**

See the following for the details:  AWSA TEAM EVENT

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