2021 Eastern Region Tournament Guidebook & Survey

Happy Spring!

The 2021 tournament guidebook has been posted (https://www.awsaeast.org/wp-content/uploads/2021-ER-Guidebook-vFInal.pdf).

We are also looking to see who is interested in a professionally printed version and to better understanding who prefers digital means to review the tournaments listings.   This said, please complete the below 5 question survey, especially if you are looking to receive a printed version of the guidebook in your mailbox.

SURVEY: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/G7J9BPC

Please complete the survey by March 18th.

Thank you for your engagement and support!

Wishing everyone a wonderful summer!  May we all enjoy a little ‘free-ranging’ this ski season!!

Big Thanks from Judi Stevens


What a great surprise when the package arrived!
Gary told me ‘something’ was coming but this is very special.  Thank you for the acknowledgement.  This is exactly why I kept doing the guidebook – to stay connected to the East. Your hearts are so generous and giving!
Many thanks for the inscribed clock and most of all, many thanks for the recognition. I will always be an Eastern Region skier in my heart!
[I hope you will pass this on as well.]
Hope to see you in the near future in Florida to ski!
All My Best,