September Announcement From the East Region EVP

Greetings fellow East Region Water Skiers!

It’s been a fantastic season so far, here in the East!  I’ve accumulated many memories and experiences, which I will be sharing with the region in October.  Thank you to all that make the sport fun, the tournaments happen and show up to help out any chance they get!

One of the realizations I’ve had over the last year and half is that being EVP is …. well …. a 24×7 volunteer job, with some peaks and valleys.  It is rewarding, challenging, entertaining, political, energizing, a grind all wound up in one big ball of fun.  That all said, I’m going to take a little vacation from all things water skiing starting tomorrow 9/23 & back in the game again on 10/1.  Likely an unusual announcement but like I said I’ve come to accept that this role is 24×7 and wanted to be sure that folks realized that I’ll be off line for a spell.

There are several phone calls that I’ll be returning today, some scores to submit, meetings and clinics to schedule before dawn tomorrow – so look for some updates for those involved …. you know who you are !!! 🙂

Upon my return from my little vacation to replenish the well; be sure to look for a video address to the region, a summary of events from this year (includes the meeting notes from our summer meeting, yup plum forgot to send them out), and a sneak peek into our East Region future!

For those issues or concerns can’t wait until next Thursday …. you know how to find me!

Tootles for now!  Tonya Maurer, EVP East Region AWSA

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