Regionals Update 6/13

1.Promo boats need to be registered with required safety equipment.
2.Trick skiers should be prepared to compete with a PFD. Something like an O’Neill vest will be fine.
3.Promo boats need to arrive in Lake Placid by 10 AM on Tuesday. Boats have to be checked in, taken off trailers and cleaned to prevent the spread of invasives and be ready to be launched by noon. We have three hours on Tuesday to get all boats mapped in for slalom and jump. Wednesday is practice and we may not have time to deal with getting boats set up on Wednesday.
4. If officials own their own walkie talkie radios, please bring them to the event. We have a limited number of radios and if you can provide your own, it will be a big help.

One thought on “Regionals Update 6/13

  1. Clarification on #2 above. Mirror Lake is a public lake. We need to be sensible about our appearance while tricking. Wear something that looks and/or functions like a PFD so that we are not challenged and the playing field remains level for everyone.

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