Quick Note from the EVP


It’s been a bit radio silent over the last 2 months here in the East as the 2014 season came to a close and folks¬†shift to winter activities.

Thinking of our friends up in the Buffalo area! There is a whole new meeting to “Hidden” Pass!

We are gearing up for our East Region winter meeting which will happen in early January.

That said, please let me know if there is a need or interest in clinics (Driver/Judge/Scorer/Safety) during our winter meeting weekend.

Date for the winter meeting is being confirmed.  Location will be in PA (same as previous years). Details will be coming out within the week so folks can plan accordingly.

If you have any key topics you would like to ensure are on the agenda at the winter meeting please contact myself or your state council person (list of council reps are in the back of the tournament guide as well as under the Governance link on our website).

Wishing everyone health, joy, happiness through the holiday season.

More to follow in the coming weeks!

Tonya Maurer
AWSA, East Region EVP

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