Advertising Information is operated by a volunteer webmaster (as are all of the roles within our organization). Your support is important and appreciated. Show your waterski colleagues and friends what your business or organization has to offer by marketing on this website.

Do It Yourself

Create an account on this site in lower left of sidebar (if the “register” feature is active), or request an account by contacting webmaster, and post your own classified. Read website policy.

Request Webmaster to Post Your Ad

The advertising price is noted below. The funds are used to offset maintenance of this site. Your support is greatly appreciated. This is not a profit-generating activity.

  • $25.00 per “summary” ad (post), roughly 50 words, includes one small photo
  • $25.00 additional (optional) if full page desired on AWSA East website includes three additional photos, $5.00 per each additional photo
  • OR submit link to page hosted elsewhere, included with summary ad
  • Clearly indicate title, summary, and optional full page content
  • $5.00 fee if additional communication is required for unclear instructions or content, or to verify external link not working
  • Seven day turnaround on posting and removal (usually much faster, depends if webmaster is in town or on the road).

Send your ad contents to webmaster, and make your payment online securely through PayPal using your credit card.

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