Pangaea Year of the Juniors 2015 and 2016

A Message from George Vosburgh & Team Pangaea to all that are interested …..

In 2016 Pangaea is hosting America’s best Junior skiers in the US Junior Open (July 2nd & 3rd). So save the date.  We are trying to make 2016 the season for our Juniors to show all their talents!!

The 2016 season at Pangaea (tournaments are always 3 event) will be ….

  • June 25th & 26 (Saturday and Sunday) a class C
  • June 27th & 28th a Junior clinic
  • June 29th will be a Junior’s only class C
    • With the winner to be the first skier out on Saturday’s Junior Championships.
    • In an US Junior Open the boat must make a simulation pass before the first competitor.  The winner of Wednesday tournament will be that simulated pass.
  • June 30th and July 1 (Thursday and Friday) will be the US Junior Open practice.
    • Those helping out will be worked into the skiing practice schedule
  • July 2nd & 3rd 2016 (Saturday and Sunday) will be the US Junior Open tournament
  • July 4th will be the rain date for the tournament or heck might just go skiing, it is a holiday after all!

SO why the post???  Well save the dates, plan a head and get your camping reservations in early.  Oh silly me, everyone will call Friday night and ask if I still have room…….

Real reason ….. 2015 will be the year for a new crop of skiers to train and practice running tournaments at Pangaea (leverage these skills to help out at other tournaments too!) starting so we are looking for Juniors that are willing to set up all the toys; cameras, buoys, computers, VCR, DVC, Wireless transponders and receivers, set up towers, boat mapping, rope measuring equipment, etc……

WE NEED MINIONS, young people eager to learn to drive, judge, score, set buoys, adjust jumps, run wires, climb poles, the 101 jobs around a tournament site. So earn your badge in 2015 and have priority access to the 2016 Jr Skier Clinic.

The 2015 season at Pangaea (tournaments are always 3 event) will be ….

  • June 13th & 14th (Saturday & Sunday) Come and learn how to set up a site for the season from putting in the jump to setting up splash eye and various computers to testing out the end gate cameras …. And so so so much more!!  Looking for juniors that want to know about how the site ticks behind the wizard curtain!!  There might be some skiing too!
  • July 18th & 19th (Saturday and Sunday) a class C but run like an E, L, or R equipment wise. The Juniors will shadow the officials, learn all that can be learned.  It takes a community to run a tournament!
  • May be August 15th & 16th a Junior run tournament.  I was thinking of only an F sanction, because it keeps the cost down while learning what to do.
  • Sept 5th & 6th Class C with juniors leading the officials around.  Juniors make the call but under the eyes of regular judge.

GOAL: Work together to get every junior to be an assistant official, every assistant official to become a Regular official. To get the next generation, running events so all I have to do is mow the lawn.

Cost and Details to follow.

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