Nominations for Eastern Region National Director

We currently have an opening for Eastern Region National Director.  This is an amazing opportunity to have a voice in the direction of water skiing on a National level.  We will be voting in a new National Director at the 1/11 winter meeting.

Please enter your nomination here.


    The mandatory qualifications for Executive Vice President and National Director are as follows; (1) must be a US citizen and current USA-WS and AWSA member and (2) must have at least two of the qualifications listed below. Candidate must be willing and able to travel and attend AWSA board meetings.
    • Current or previous AWSA Director
    • Current or previous voting member on an AWSA standing Committee
    • Current AWSA Regular or Senior Judge, Scorer, Driver, Technical Controller, Regional or National Safety Director.
    • Current or previous voting member of the AWSA Regional Council
    For more information contact Tonya Maurer (, Jon Thacher, John Paulovich.

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