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  1. On behalf of the region, the Eastern Regional Council wishes to extend their gratitude to John Wilkins, Terence Fogarty, and their entire team at Power Up Adirondacks, for hosting the 2014 Eastern Regionals in Lake Placid, NY. The effort was monumental.

    Eastern Region Council met via conference call on September 30, 2014, and voted to accept bids for the 2015 Eastern Regionals from any interested clubs. Council to decide at the 2015 Winter Meeting in January.   Due date for the bids per the policy and procedure is 30 days before the winter meeting, that said bids are to be submitted by 12/1 to take into consideration the holidays.

  2. There currently is a site search for the 2015 Nationals; at this time San Marcos River Ranch has decided not to host in 2015.  If you know of a site that may be interested please let myself, Bob Mayhew, or Bob Crowley know.
  3. There were driver downgrades this year, if you were downgraded and feel you have hardship that should be considered please contact me ASAP.
  4. There are judges at risk for downgrade if they do not attend a Judge’s clinic.  Please note that there is a virtual clinic scheduled for 10/18/14 – please see the USA Water Ski website for details.  For those that will be due for a clinic – please jump on this chance to do it in the off season and in the comfort of your own home.
  5. We have several East Region skiers participating in the 35+ Worlds in Florida this week – I encourage you all to follow and provide virtual support!  There will be a webcast.  Rah Team Go!!!!
  6. For those that organize tournaments, please note that we will be stalking you for tournament dates in the next two months so that we can have a comprehensive schedule well before the winter meeting.  Last year we had conflicts, we are looking to avoid that this year.  At the winter meeting we will be reviewing the schedule.
  7. Over the next 30 days I’ll be revisiting the Policy & Procedures; draft of changes will be made available to the council members and a vote on those changes will happen at the winter meeting in January.

That’s all folks!    Enjoy the switch to fall!  Wishing everyone the best as the holidays approach!

Regards, Tonya Maurer East Region EVP

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  1. Tonya, Thanks for all of these updates! I’m putting in a plug for the winter meeting to have a virtual component. If it costs anything for the virtual delivery, perhaps it can be split by the virtual participants. Thanks, Darlene

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