Membership Meeting and Banquet 7/27

Please join us at the 2018 Eastern Region General Member meeting on Friday 7/27. The meeting and banquet will be held under the tent on the island at Twin Lakes Water Ski Park in Monroe, NY.

Call to order scheduled for 5:00 pm
1)  Roll call of council, confirm we have a quorum (assign parliamentarian) – Jim Powell (5 min)

2)  Agenda review and Opening remarks from EVP  (5 min)

3)  Unfinished business – Jim Powell (5 min)
a) approve minutes from winter meeting

4)  Treasures report – Marie Baker (10 min)

5)  Junior Development – TG Powell (10 min)
a) Passport / SuperBeast
b) clinics

6)  Guidebook – Jim Powell  (5 min)
a) does the membership want the printed version
b) Looking for GuideBook organizer

7)  Tow Boat – Doug Robbins (5 min)

8)  Drivers Committee – Al Harris (5 min)

9)  Safety Committee – Karen Melnik (10 min)
a)  We need to know about any need for Safety Clinics.
b)  We are expanding the availability of Instructors for Safety Clinics.
c)  The Safety Development Program now includes the position of Junior Safety Coordinator for 15 to 17-year olds
d) There is a Fast Track process for Medical Professionals

10)  Nominating Committee (page 28 of guidebook) – Jean Giove  (10 min)
a) Jim Powell EVP, 1yr term expires in 2018, will run again, no
nominations have come forward
Who’s the next EVP?
b) Jon Thacher AWSA Director, 3yr term expires in 2018, will run again,
no nominations have come forward
c) Gary Noll (3 year term expires 2019)
d) Hutch Haines (3 year term expires 2020)
e) Pat Byrne (2 year term expires Jan 2020)
f) Election of Alternate National Director (*note: Hutch cannot make 2018 Summer Meeting)
g) IAC Nominations?

  h) By-Law Nominations?

11) Membership Numbers – Jim Powell  (10 min)
a) national numbers & regional numbers
b) impact to our region & the state councils

12)  BOD Packet Highlights – National Directors (15 min)

13)  AWSA Exec Highlights – Jim Powell (5 min)
a) PB Stickers on AWSA APP
b) Team update, 2 teams will qualify for Nationals
c) Ron Koenig has begun his Team Fundraising quest for 2019 teams, watch for the letter
d) ambassador program with Ball of Spray at
e) SafeSport: all AWSA leadership should be certified.  Easy, Informative, Important!

14)  Regionals – who’s on deck?  – John Davis / Jim Powell  (15 min)
a) Partnership vs. LOC
b) Committee Leads for possible partnership.  Search for apprentices.

15)  Adjourn

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