Keeping Our Young Folks Safe – Priority #1 – SAFE SPORT TRAINING

Safety is always a priority at any AWSA event. I’m proud of the great care that our safety directors take in preparing a site and looking out for the safety of everyone. There is another important aspect to keeping our junior athletes safe. That is covered in the USA Water Ski and Wake Sports, Safe Sport Program. The program includes two parts, Safe Sport Training and a Background Check. I recommend that all water ski club members take the Safe Sport Training.  In addition, some AWSA positions REQUIRE that you take the Safe Sport Training and in some cases undergo a Criminal Background Screening.
The information in the training is relevant and can be completed in one evening or spread out over a couple of sittings. I knocked it out in a few hours over a cup of coffee.

The following link provides all of the details and directions for accessing the Safe Sport Training.      2018 ALL SD SAFE SPORT PROGRAM 2-13-2018

If you interact with Jr. athletes in Teams, as an Instructor or a leader in Junior Development, you are likely required to comply.  See the chart here.  Safe Sport Compliance Chart v8

SafeSport Certification and Criminal Background Screening
Procedure for USA Water Ski & Wake Sports Members

SafeSport Certification
1. Go to
2. Click on Member/Club Log In
3. Log into the Members Only site with Member Number and password
4. Click on SafeSport Certification
5. There is a link on that page and an Access Token that will allow you to register for the course at no charge.
Once you enter the Access Token, click on the “register” button and complete the information to create your account.
Once the account is created, you can access the SafeSport course.
• There are three sections/videos to the course – 1) Sexual Misconduct Awareness Education; 2) Mandatory Reporting; and 3) Emotional & Physical Misconduct. All parts must be completed to become SafeSport certified.
• You can start and finish any of the sections at any time. The system will remember where you left off.
• You will need sound capabilities (speaker, headphones, etc.).
• You cannot skip ahead or fast forward.
• Each section lasts approximately 30 minutes.
• There is a pre-test and a post-test for each section. If you do not pass the post-test you can go back and re-take it.
• You can download a certificate after successfully completing each section and the entire course. USA-WSWS only needs a copy of the final certificate. You can email it to or print it out and fax it (863-325-8259).
• SafeSport certification must be completed every two years. The Center for SafeSport will create a refresher course for those who have been previously certified.
• There is NO COST for USA Water Ski & Wake Sports members.

Criminal Background Screening
All requiring criminal background screening must be at last 18 years old, have a valid social security number and a
current member of USA Water Ski & Wake Sports.
1. Go to
2. Click on Member/Club Log In
3. Log into the Members Only site with Member Number and password
4. Click on Criminal Background Screening
When you click on the Purchase and Authorize Criminal Background Screening link, the system will verify that you meet the requirements noted herein, process your payment and display your receipt with a link to take you to our third-party screening agency’s Web site to authorize screening. You must complete the authorization to complete the process.
Results will take 3-5 business days. USA-WSWS will receive a pass/fail using the criteria that has been established with the screening company and will notify you of results via e-mail.
• The cost is $22.50 every two years. Criminal background screens must be completed every two years.
o For International Team Personnel, the cost will be billed to the appropriate sport discipline. The LINK for background screening will be provided by contacting
o For Certified Coaches or Instructors, the individual will pay the cost within the overall certification fees. Signing up for coaches’ certification can be done in the Members Only section of
o For Show Ski Team Directors and Assistant Directors, the individual will pay and can submit for reimbursement to their Club/Team. For Junior Development personnel, the individual will pay and can submit for reimbursement to their Sport Discipline. Note that it is the decision of the Club/Team and Sport Discipline if they will reimburse these fees.

If you have any questions or access issues, please contact Sandy Hardee at USA-WSWS at or call (863) 874-5681 or (863) 324-4341 Ext 126.




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