Flash T-8 to Regionals – The Membership Meeting

Hi there Ho there!!   Yup it’s meeting time ….. looking to drum up record participation for this years membership meeting to be held in the Pavilion @ Lake Holly Thursday after the competition concludes (estimated time being confirmed) …. following the meeting we will break into an Open Mic Night!  So bring your instruments, voices & dancing shoes!

For those inquiring minds below is the DRAFT agenda, if you feel there is a hot topic that needs to be addressed please contact Tonya Maurer (multitasking@comcast.net) w/ AGENDA TOPIC in the subject line (lots of emails rolling through right now).

Keep reading for more information …..


1)  Roll call of council, confirm we have a quorum (assign parliamentarian) – Tonya Maurer  (5 min)
2)  Agenda review and Opening remarks from EVP  (10 min)
3)  Unfinished business – Tonya Maurer (10 min)
  a) agreement to publish P&P that was ‘approved’ on 2/10 (need verbal per the bylaws).  For awareness, list out pending changes that will be discussed at the Winter meeting.
  b) Jr Dev committee members – update
  c) approve minutes from winter meeting
3)  Treasures report – Marie Baker (10 min)
4)  Guidebook – does the membership want the printed version – Tonya Maurer  (15 min)
5)  Tow Boat – Weight in the MC – is there a recommendation from the Region?  – Tonya Maurer  (20 min)
6)  Drivers Committee – Updated Trained Driver Policy information  – Al Harris  (10 min)
7)  Nominating Committee (page 33 of guidebook) – Jean Giove  (5 min)
  a)  Tonya Maurer EVP, 1yr term expires in 2014, will run again, no nominations have come forward
  b)  Jon Thacher AWSA Director, 3yr term expires in 2014, will run again, no nominations have come forward
  c)  Pat Bryne AWSA Director, 3yr term expires 2016
  d)  Hutch Haines AWSA Director, 3yr term expires in 2017
  e)  Pat Byrne, US Waterski Director, 3 term ends in 2015
8) Membership Numbers – Tonya Maurer  (20 min)
  a) national numbers & regional numbers
  b) impact to our region & the state councils
9) By-Law – list of upcoming changes & homework for winter meeting – Steve Vincent  (10 min)
10)  BOD Packet Highlights – National Directors (15 min)
11)  Regionals – who’s on deck?  – John Davis / Tonya Maurer  (15 min)
12)  Adjourn – shift to Open Mic!!!!

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