ER Records Repository Requirements Posted for Comment

An initiative is under way to develop an online Eastern Region records repository to be hosted along with AWSAEast. A core team comprised of Dave Allen, Darlene McCormick, Chip Shand, and Al Harris has been working on initial documentation of requirements. The requirements are not yet finalized but have progressed to a point where they will benefit from broader input and are now posted here in an Excel workbook (link below) for general comment from the region. The first sheet, General Requirements, identifies functionality to be provided and practical considerations for technology and resources. The second sheet, Fields in Record Entry, identifies the data to be held for each record entry.

Work to date has focused on capturing only the “what” for the system. Once feedback has been incorporated into the requirements, then we can proceed with defining the “how”.

Because work on this initiative is totally dependent on volunteer effort, we are not prepared to define a schedule at this time. But to enable our proceeding with further work, we are setting March 7, 2014 as a cutoff date for feedback. After that date, we will formulate plans for future work.

We look forward to comment from the region and request feedback be posted to this thread so we all have benefit of the comments.

Records Repository Requirements 20140203

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  1. The comment period for these requirements has elapsed. Three people, Dave Allen, Darlene McCormick and Chip Shand, will proceed with development work on a time-available basis, and expect to begin during the second quarter of 2014. Watch this space for updates!

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