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Meeting Minutes, Financials, and Documentation

2021 Summer/Annual Meeting Minutes

2021 January/Winter Meeting Minutes
2020 December Financial Report

2020 Summer/Annual Meeting Minutes
2020 July Financial Report

2020 January/Winter Meeting Minutes
2019 December Financial Report

2019 Summer/Annual Meeting Minutes

2019 January/Winter Meeting Minutes
2018 December Financial Report

2018 Summer/Annual Meeting Minutes
2018 Summer Financial Report

2018 January/Winter Meeting Minutes
2017 Year Financial Report
2017 December Financial Report

2017 Regionals Financials
2017 Summer/Annual Meeting Minutes
2017 July Financial Report

2017 January/Winter Meeting Minutes
2016 Year Financial Report
2016 December Financial Report

2016 Summer/Annual Meeting Minutes and EVP video
2016 July Financial Report

2016 January/Winter Meeting Minutes and EVP video
2015 Year Financial Report
2015 December Financial Report

2015 Summer/Annual Meeting Minutes
2015 July Financial Report

2015 February Tele Follow-up Minutes
2015 January/Winter Meeting Minutes
2014 Year Financial Report
2014 December Financial Report

2014 Summer/Annual Meeting Minutes
2014 July Financial Report

2014 February Tele Meeting Minutes
2014 January/Winter Meeting Minutes


Applications for Hosting Eastern Regionals (posted 11/25/13)
Bid Form
Site Data Form

Payments can be made to the Region’s PayPal account.

11/21/07 Dialogue: Establishing a Record Capability Site
Interesting dialogue that Pat Byrne thought would be helpful for others to review and perhaps comment to those involved.

Prior year Officers and Council are archived as such and can be accessed by changing the year at the end of the URL before the slash, i.e. -2017/.

For previous seasonal notices, newsletters, meeting minutes, and EVP reports, please see the archived site.