Driver Clinic in DE on June 7th

Contact Brett Brandau ( if you are interested in the following clinic: Delaware will be hosting 2 driver clinics on June 7th. One for trained drivers which is required to drive any boat during a sanctioned event which will be led by Tonya Maurer. The second is a clinic for aspiring/tournament drivers led by Tom Witkowski and Al Harris. For those that plan to participate in a tournament, it is highly recommended that you take the trained drivers clinic as it is required even to drive a pick up boat or shuttle judges. In addition, since we will be evaluating drivers pulling skiers, please bring your skis!!

If you are planning on attaining a trained driver rating, please refer to this link which includes the MVR requirement info (needs to be completed prior to the clinic):

The clinic will be either at Silver Lake in Middletown or Givens Pond near Bethel, DE. More details will come as we determine who will attend and from what areas.

Please reply to Tonya if you are interested and able to attend with:
Which clinic you want to attend (Trained or Regular)
Contact info (Phone # and email)
If you have a preference on location (Middletown or Bethel, DE)