Date and Location of Winter Meeting is Announced

The East Region AWSA winter meeting is open to all members alongside our council members, national directors, committee members and HNDs.

We had 23 attendees at our last winter meeting and we had 26 attendees at our summer meeting in Lake Placid.  I would love to see more faces in the crowd this year!

For our council and committee members – please bring a buddy to Jan 10th meeting! 🙂

Details: The Winter Meeting will be held on Saturday, January 10th.To lock in head count please send email to (Marie Baker) if you are attending. Respond by 12/15.Winter meeting timing is as follows:

  •   Start @ 9.30 am
  •   Lunch (provided – RSVP required) @ 12pm
  •   End @ 4.00pm

We will look to get done earlier if possible as some have a lengthy drive home.

Sunday Clinics (pending – at this time there are no clinics scheduled – decision around clinics will be made by 12/10).

Location (when making reservation note East Region AWSA Water Ski meetings for room discount, you can reference Marie’s name as well):

  •   Embassy Suites Philadelphia – Valley Forge
  •   888 Chesterbrook Blvd
  •   Chesterbrook, PA  19087
  •   610-647-6700

PLEASE READ:   At this time there is not an opportunity to do a conference call during the winter meeting, we will work on that for 2016.  For the council/committee members that are not able to join on Jan 10, please let me know I will send to you information on any items that require voting in advance.  Also, any committee members that are not able to join please send me your committee report by 12/10 or give me a call with your updates.

Thank you!

Tonya Maurer

East Region EVP, AWSA


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