2016 Class C & Above Tournament Records

G1 Slalom Nadia Bennett 1/13m/49Kph Hank’s Pond 43 “C” 8/7/1992
(twice) Natalie Hammel 1/13m/49Kph Dave’s Pond C & USNationals R 8/9/1995
Trick Emma Davis 3870 pts Ken Mead Memorial 7/10/2016
Overall Emma Davis 2720.4 NOPS Ken Mead Memorial 7/10/2016
G2 Slalom Ellie Whitlock 1/11.25m/52Kph Timberlake Little Dawg 7/18/2009
Trick Susie Lohr 5240 pts Timberlake 3 “C” 7/11/1993
Jump Susie Lohr 98 feet US Nationals “R” 8/18/1993
Overall Susie Lohr 3640 pts US Nationals “R” 8/18/1993
G3 Slalom Alex Lauretano 2/11.25m/55Kph Sunset Lakes Fall Classic 10/1/2005
Slalom Ellie Whitlock 2/11.25m/55Kph Loch Cochrane Little Dawg 9/11/2011
Trick Alex Lauretano 7180 pts Sunset Lakes Fall Classic 6/30/2006
Jump Susie Lohr 151 feet Masters Qualifier “R” 7/17/1997
Jump Alex Lauretano 151 feet 2006 Jr Open 6/3/2006
Overall Alex Lauretano 4174.2 NOPS Sunset Lakes Fall Classic 10/1/2005
W1 Slalom Ellie Whitlock 3/11.25m/55Kph Florida State Championships 7/13/2014
Trick Betsy Harris 4470 pts M.C. Eastern Regionals “R” 8/9/2000
Jump Natalie Hammel 129 feet Timberlake 7/26/2003
Overall Brenda Nichols 3407 pts CT State Champs “C” 7/22/1990
W2 Slalom Laurie Lindsey 5/12m/55Kph W.V. Slalom Slam “C” 9/6/1997
Trick Susie Davis 5650 pts Ken Mead Memorial “E” 9/2/2007
Jump Kathy Robbins 131 feet PA State Champs “C” 9/1/2002
Overall Ginger Jorden 3343.7 pts M.C. Eastern Regionals “R” 8/5/2001
W3 Slalom Terry Burns 2/11.25m/55Kph Burn’s 3rd Slalom “C” 6/27/1998
Trick Susie Davis 5940 pts Virginia State Championships 7/17/2016
Jump Patti Beaudoin 104 feet King of the Pond “C” 9/4/1994
Overall Bea Debus 2381.4 pts W.V. Champs “C” 7/10/1988
W4 Slalom Terry Burns 2.5/12m/55Kph Burn’s 3rd Slalom “C” 9/8/2001
Trick Emmy Healy * 3880 pts Peck’s Pond “C” 6/22/1991
Jump Patti Drummey 90 feet New Hampshire Championship 7/31/2004
Overall Amy Craig 1737.4 NOPS Eastern Regionals – Lake Holly 7/30/2016
W5 Slalom Donna Jenks 1.5/12m/52Kph September Slalom Record 2 West Palm 9/21/2014
Trick Emmy Healy 3560 pts MC Eastern Regionals “R” 8/5/2002
Jump Patti Jo Hocutt 49 feet Diamond State #21 7/26/2009
W6 Slalom Loretta Morris 3/12m/52Kph Burn’s 3rd Slalom “C” 8/21/1999
Trick Loretta Morris 2220 pts M.D. State Champs “C” 8/30/1997
W7 Slalom Loretta Morris 2/12m/49Kph East Regionals 2003 Daves Pond 8/5/2001
Trick Loretta Morris 2090 pts East Regionals – Lake Holly 8/9/2000
W8 Slalom Loretta Morris 3/13m/49Kph Trophy Lakes 9/2/2006
Trick Loretta Morris 1980 pts Maryland States at Lake Lou 7/8/2006
W9 Slalom Loretta Morris 1/13m/49Kph Who Needs Football When We Can Ski 9/24/2011
Trick Loretta Morris 1440 pts Dave’s August 3-Event “C” 8/21/2010
OW Slalom Alex Lauretano 2.5/11.25m/55Kph Pan American Championships 9/19/2006
Trick Alex Lauretano 7320 pts Cory Pickos Superstars 6/16/2007
Jump Alex Lauretano 155ft/5.5/51Kph Pan American Championships 9/19/2006
Overall Susie Lohr 3966 pts Masters Qualifier “R” 7/17/1997
B1 Slalom Chad Meny 3/12m/49kph Big Rock Pond 7/12/2008
Trick Evan Robbins 2000 pts Dave’s 357 7/13/2013
Overall B. Kyle Tickle 3363 pts Eastern Regionals “R” 8/8/1993
B2 Slalom Wyatt Haines 2/10.75m/55kph Old Farms Summer Slalom League 2 7/15/2009
Slalom Chad Meny 2/10.75m/55kph Bootsarosa 3rd Slalom 8/18/2011
Trick Richard Abelson 6640 pts N.H. State Champs “C” 6/9/1985
Jump Quinn Haines 138 feet Eastern Regionals – Pangaea 8/2/2013
Overall Benny Lohr 4032 pts Linda Giddens “R” 7/14/1990
B3 Slalom Wyatt Haines 4/10.75/58Kph Old Farms 2010 King of the Pond 9/18/2010
Trick Benny Lohr 8320 pts Picture Lake “C” 7/24/1994
Jump Dana Hinman 187 feet Sunset Fall Classic “R” 10/5/1996
Overall Bob Hughes 3518 pts US Nationals “R” 8/17/1991
M1 Slalom Jamie Beauchesne 3/10.25m/58Kph 20th Ann. Lakes Reg. Open “C” 7/29/2000
Trick Kevin Jack 9560 pts 31st Annual Lakes Region Open 7/23/2011
Jump Dana Hinman 205 feet Sunset Lakes Fall Classic “R” 10/4/1997
Overall Benny Lohr 3425 pts Eastern Regionals “R” 8/3/1997
M2 Slalom Jamie Beauchesne 6/10.25m/58Kph 24th Annual Lakes Region Open 7/18/2004
Trick Todd Jameson 6030 pts Eastern Champs “C” 8/27/1983
Jump Dan Zeisler 185 feet Sunset Lakes “R” 10/1/1994
Overall Paul Bellucci 2620.8 pts Ken Ruiz Memorial “C” 8/21/1999
M3 Slalom John Burns 4/10.25m/55Kph P.A. State Champs “C” 7/18/1999
Slalom Ken Autore 4/10.25m/55Kph Johns Lake 89 9/6/2008
Trick Lee Gotschalk 6100 pts Lake Holly “R” 9/2/1990
Jump Danny Zeisler 173ft/54kph/5ft Old Farms July Record 7/10/2005
Overall Tom Hinman 3015 pts King of the Pond “C” 9/6/1992
M4 Slalom John Burns 3/10.25m/55Kph Lake Lago Slalom Fest 9/17/2003
Trick Ken Mead 5710 pts Colonial Mixed “C” 7/7/1984
Jump Danny Zeisler 179 feet Sunset Lakes Fall Classic “R” 10/3/2010
Overall Don Henderson 3716.4 pts McCormick’s Fall Classic “R” 10/24/2000
M5 Slalom Greg Sund 3/10.25/55Kph Johns Lake 111 6/25/2016
Trick Lee Gotschalk 5270 pts Ken Mead Memorial “R” 9/2/2007
Jump Don Henderson 145 feet Sunset Fall Classic “R” 10/13/2001
Overall Don Henderson 4501.4 pts Sunset Fall Classic “R” 10/13/2001
M6 Slalom Chris Kopecky 2/10.75/55kph Wed Night Special #4 Palm Bay 8/22/2012
Trick Lee Gotschalk 4110 pts Ken Mead Memorial 8/24/2014
Jump Ron Kokernak 104 feet Pine Tree State Champs “C” 7/6/2002
Overall Gordon Gay 3202.2 NOPS 2004 Nationals 8/7/2004
M7 Slalom Bill Mahan 2/10.75m/52Kph Ken Mead Memorial “R” 8/25/2013
Trick Steve Lohr 2950 pts Ken Mead Memorial 8/24/2014
Jump Ron Kokernak 96 feet Eastern Regionals “R” Twin Lakes 8/3/2007
Overall Jerry White 2477 pts V.A. State Champs “C” 7/21/2001
M8 Slalom John Autore 0.5/10.75m/49Kph Johns Lake 111 6/25/2016
Trick Gordon Gay 2410 pts Ken Mead Memorial 8/26/2013
Jump Ron Kokernak 96 feet Old Farms Sept Classic 9/15/2013
M9 Slalom Al Luck 4/11.25m/49kph Hidden Pass Double L Sat 7/13/2013
Trick John Howell 760 pts Ken Mead Memorial “C” 7/11/2016
Jump Joe Delsignore 68 feet PA state champs 2004 “C” – Daves Pond 7/17/2004
Overall John Howell 1090.1 NOPS Eastern Regionals – Lake Holly 7/30/2016
M10 Trick Ray McCracken 140 pts PA state champs 2009″C” – Daves Pond 7/25/2009
M55 Slalom Ken Autore 3/10.75m/55Kph Eastern Regionals—Hiddenpass 7/31/2010
OM Slalom Jamie Beauchesne 1/9.75m/58Kph Trophy Lakes “R” 7/1/2003
Trick Richard Abelson 9560 pts Ken Mead Memorial “R” 8/29/1999
Jump Dana Hinman 214 feet McCormick Open “R” 10/25/1998
* – per 1/2003 council vote, E Healy post dated record recognized