Pangaea Labor Day-NESS Finals 2023 Slalom Runorder Update

Running orders and officials assignments have now been posted. Please review and let me know if there are concerns or questions.

Special Note: There has been a change to the schedule. Do to the overwhelming response to the tournament this year we need to modify how the 2nd and 3rd round will be handled so everyone has the opportunity to enjoy their skiing and we fit all the skiing into the available daylight. We are going to run the 2nd and 3rd round as a turn and burn. Therefore when you complete your 2nd round you will be immediately picked up and taken back to the starting point and immediately complete your 3rd round. As an alternative, we are considering running some slalom skiers on Sunday concurrent with trick and jump. If you are interested in considering this option please let Scott Bellefeuille or Dave Allen know of your interest. We will only do this if there is sufficient interest and it can be done practically.

Dave Allen
Pangaea Ski Club
Tournament Director

Pangaea Labor Day-NESS Finals 2023 Slalom Runorder

The tentative slalom running order for Saturday has been published. Note that registrations have been stronger than expected so there maybe a modified 3rd round or the end of the 3rd round may run concurrent with the start of the NESS head-to-head finals.

Officials Assignments will be posted on Wednesday evening

Spots in the NESS finals on the line with three stops remaining

Things are heating up!

The Northeast Slalom Series season standings have been updated through Eastern Regionals with only three stops remaining until the Sept. 2 finals at Pangaea.

With stops in Wolfeboro, Dubes and Vermont remaining, adults are vying for 12 spots in the finals (with the top four getting first-round byes), with juniors jockeying for four.

More details at


2022 NESS to kick off this weekend with two tournaments

The biggest Northeast Slalom Series ever will kick off June 25 with two tournaments in one day at Avon and Wolfeboro.

The 2022 NESS season has expanded to seven states and 11 stops leading up to the Sept. 3 NESS finals at Pangaea, making it the largest schedule in the series’ history. The increased schedule will give more opportunities to more skiers, and create a larger cash-prize purse at the finals.

“The NESS has been a really great series, but it’s time to supercharge it,” said Dana Hinman, who has come on board this year as the series’ lead director. “This year’s cash-prize purse is definitely going to be an attention grabber.”

The registration fee is $25 for adults, while juniors are free.  To register, adults send $25 to the Old Farms Skiers (fiscal agent for NESS), via either PayPal (@oldfarmsskiers) or Venmo (@oldfarmsskiers). Juniors only need to email The adults will compete for a cash-prize, while juniors will compete for trophies.

The 2022 Northeast Slalom Series is sponsored by Hinman, Inc., h2oproshop, Avon Old Farm Skiers, and Cadillac Hill Carpentry, Radar Skis, and MacCallum’s Boathouse. More information at

2022 NESS Schedule

  • 6/25 – Avon
  • 6/25 – Wolfeboro
  • 7/2 – Pangaea
  • 7/3 – Pangaea
  • 7/9 – Johns Lake
  • 7/16 – Avon
  • 7/20-23 – Regionals
  • 7/30 – Mass. States
  • 8/20 – Wolfeboro
  • 8/21 – Dubes
  • 8/28 – Montpelier
  • 9/3 – Pangaea/NESS Finals

2021 Northeast Slalom Series finals field set

With the final stop of the 2021 Northeast Slalom Series in the books (VT States results here), the field for the Sept. 4 head-to-head finals at Pangaea is set.

Here are the brackets:

1) Dan Warner 110.75 (2.75@39)
8) Zach Carpenter 93.5 (3.5@35)

2) Becky Bartlett 84 (6@28)
7) Justin Campfield 95.25 (5.25@35)

3) Dana Hinman 103 (1@39)
6) Scott Behner 98 (2@38)

5) Scott Bellefeuille 100.5 (4.5@38)
4) Matt Byrne 97.5 (1.5@38)

1) Aaron Bartlett 80 (2@32, 32mph)
4) Addy Byrne 54 (6@15, 28.6mph)

2) Zoe Carpenter 87 (3@35, 32 mph)
3) Tia Byrne 80.5 (2.5@32, 32mph)

Each skier is skiing against their own handicap, with the skier in each bracket that does the best against their handicap advancing. For example, if Becky Bartlett were to score 2@32 (+2 above her handicap), while Justin Campfield scored 5@35 (.25 below his handicap), Becky would advance.

Adults will be competing for a cash-prize purse of nearly $1,000, while juniors will be competing for trophies.

The 2021 Northeast Slalom Series is sponsored by and Hinman Builders.

3 2021 NESS events down, 2 to go

With three Northeast Slalom Series events in the books and only two more qualifiers left to go, Dan Warner leads the adult division, with Becky Bartlett and Dana Hinman close behind.

Aaron Bartlett and Zoe Carpenter are tied atop the season junior division standings, with Tia Byrne only 20 points behind.

Click here to see the full season standings. And view each stop’s results here:
Stop 1 – Pangaea Record Slalom V2.0 (Saturday)
Stop 2 – 41st Annual Lakes Region Open
Stop 3 – Eastern Regionals

Only two stops remain to qualify for the Sept. 5th finals at Pangaea: the Dubes Ski Classic XXXII on Aug. 22, and the Tom Costello/Alan Rossi Vermont State Championships on Aug. 28.

At the conclusion of the series, the top eight adults and four juniors will qualify for the series championship’s head-to-head finals. Adults will be competing for a cash-prize purse of approximately $1,000, while juniors will be competing for trophies.

The 2021 Northeast Slalom Series is sponsored by and Hinman Builders.

Announcing the 2021 Northeast Slalom Series

The seven-stop, four-state 2021 Northeast Slalom Series will kick off July 3rd and conclude with head-to-head, cash-prize finals on Sept. 4th at Pangaea.

View the full series schedule here.

The series will once again feature two divisions of competition – Adults and Juniors – using NOPS points to level the playing field among speeds and determine placements. Based on these placements, series points will be awarded at each stop. At the conclusion of the series, the top 8 Adults and four Juniors in the series standings will qualify for the Sept. 4th, head-to-head finals at Pangaea.

Adults will be competing for a cash prize pool of approximately $1,000, while Juniors will compete for trophies. The registration fee is $25 for adults and Juniors are free. Register here.

Shannah Pochini (Adults) and Tia Byrne (Juniors) are the series’ defending champions.

The 2021 series is supported by and Hinman Inc.