Region Records Updated

Catching up after a fun-filled summer, I’ve posted the records forwarded to me by Chip Shand.

Please note: The skier is responsible to apply for a record in a timely manner. There is currently no paper form; submit your Eastern Region records via online form, or contact Chip Shand directly. It may take some time for the page to be updated after verification. Again, region records (not state), will be included on this site.

Check the appropriate page of records before the end of the calendar year to make sure your record is properly recorded. Year-end is deadline to be included in following year’s guidebook.

Items of note:

  • Jake Abelson broke his father’s 33 year-old record in B2 trick.
  • AWSA rules states that a performance in a Masters division can count toward the skier’s age group record if the conditions were the same. As a result of the above, some historical records were updated. Occasionally, Chip will come across other records missed and will record them.

ER Records Repository Requirements Posted for Comment

An initiative is under way to develop an online Eastern Region records repository to be hosted along with AWSAEast. A core team comprised of Dave Allen, Darlene McCormick, Chip Shand, and Al Harris has been working on initial documentation of requirements. The requirements are not yet finalized but have progressed to a point where they will benefit from broader input and are now posted here in an Excel workbook (link below) for general comment from the region. The first sheet, General Requirements, identifies functionality to be provided and practical considerations for technology and resources. The second sheet, Fields in Record Entry, identifies the data to be held for each record entry. Continue reading