Eastern Region Winter Meeting Set for JANUARY 6th

This meeting is open to all AWSA members. Come find out what’s new and let your voice be heard. We were able to secure our traditional location for the weekend of January 6th and 7th at the Embassy Suites Valley Forge Hotel, 888 Chesterbrook Blvd, Wayne, PA 19087, (610) 647-6700. This date is consistent with past years. We’ll be sending out another message with all of the details.

Note from webmaster about distributions

Hello fellow waterskiers,

As we approach the season that we all love, I’m passing along a technical note or two.

1. The other day I did an email test from this system. Of 79 registered users and emails sent, 44 were confirmed as received; thank you. Those that were not confirmed (except for one clearly rejected) were indicated by this system as having been accepted by the recipient’s mail server. I am not currently willing to summarize and/or contact those that have not replied–tedious cross referencing, maybe someday. I would assume the emails are in spam folders. Gmail has particularly stiff spam review.

A larger issue may be that we have hundreds of people in the region who are not registered on our website. We have normally reached a larger audience using MailChimp and/or Facebook. I will leave it up to region officials if we want to address this in any way. At minimum, it would be nice to encourage people to register with this site.

I have changed the method of confirming a registration to a math captcha and admin confirmation, removing the invitation code for now.

2. I would like to ask those who are registered to make sure you have used a strong password, and if not, please improve it. Although we have brute-force protection of our admin, a system that will lock someone out after 4 attempts, WordPress sites are being constantly attacked. Usernames are not secret since everyone is considered an author, and some of the usernames such as tgpowell, multitasking and allendbj are being constantly tested. Since I put this system in place, there have been 7452 lockouts.


East Region 2017 Winter Meeting, Regionals & Clinics (maybe)

Winter meeting is the first Saturday in January – 7th.   Let Marie Baker (billandmbaker@comcast.net) know if you will be attending so she can get a head count for lunch.  Reach out to our EVP – Pat Byrne for specifics around the meeting (patjbyrne@outlook.com).

  Embassy Suites Philadelphia – Valley Forge
888 Chesterbrook Blvd.
Chesterbrook, PA  19087

Try the Hilton Hotel button on the USA Water Ski website for a discounted rate.

There are some requests for officials clinic(s) for Sunday.  I’m looking for a head count, so if you need or desire an officials clinic; and will be able to attend in person on Sunday January 8th.  Please contact me ASAP so that I can lock in instructors (multitasking@comcast.net).  We will need a minimum of 10 people before I can confirm any officials clinics.

If you are a senior official (scorer, judge, driver) in any event and would like to officiate at the 2017 regionals – please contact me as soon as you can (multitasking@comcast.net).  Also any regional or state safety officials interested, please contact me as well. Note that we will need 3 Event Senior Judges for the invited/appointed judge positions; but John, Scott and I are looking to build up a roster of officials willing to be scheduled for slots.


EVP Video Address: AWSA, USA Water SKi BOD Mtgs

Hi there!

I just returned from a fun filled weekend at the USA Water Ski Headquarters!  Pat Byrne, Hutch Haines, Jon Thacher, Doug Robbins, Bill Baker and myself attended the AWSA Board Meeting on Saturday.  Saturday night was the USA Water Ski Awards banquet where we honored Bill Baker with a standing ovation as he accepted the USA Water Ski Award of Merit – it was spectacular! Then on Sunday I attended the USA Water Ski Board Meeting and Doug Robbins was at the helm as the Chairman.

The BOD meetings were jam packed with topics, many discussions and many decisions.  I am posting my notes from the AWSA Board of Director Mtg (note that the final source of truth is the formal meeting minutes produced by Delaina Downes & approved by the BOD during the summer meeting – that is my disclaimer!).

Here is the link to my video address with the highlights – it is 8 1/2 min long (sorry – hard to pack in 2 days of info into less than 5 min).  Continue reading

East Region AWSA Meeting Notes & Video Address


I’ve up loaded the meeting notes from our East Region Winter meeting held in Valley Forge PA on January 9, 2016.

There were 35 people that attended representing 10 of our 14 states!  There were 5 first timers including a junior!!! Great turn out everyone!!!

Key points can be gleamed from my Video Address: https://youtu.be/9BfXh2CYT20

Link to the meeting notes: 01_EastRegion_WinterMtg_Agenda 2016 Jan 09 NOTES PUBLISHED

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with questions!

0 days left to the AWSA East Region Winter Meeting

Hi there!

I’m looking forward to seeing folks this weekend down in Valley Forge PA!

Seems we will have a great turn out, about 34 East Region members are scheduled to attend!!!

**Reminder the Judge Clinic has been canceled.**

We will be starting at 9am and have a hefty agenda that will take us through to 5pm (hopefully we’ll end a little earlier).

For those not able to attend, look to the meeting notes that will come out within the week and a video giving some highlights of the discussion alongside tidbits of what to look forward too in our 2016 water ski season!

Tally-Ho!  Tonya Maurer, East Region EVP

Flash T-8 to Regionals – The Membership Meeting

Hi there Ho there!!   Yup it’s meeting time ….. looking to drum up record participation for this years membership meeting to be held in the Pavilion @ Lake Holly Thursday after the competition concludes (estimated time being confirmed) …. following the meeting we will break into an Open Mic Night!  So bring your instruments, voices & dancing shoes!

For those inquiring minds below is the DRAFT agenda, if you feel there is a hot topic that needs to be addressed please contact Tonya Maurer (multitasking@comcast.net) w/ AGENDA TOPIC in the subject line (lots of emails rolling through right now).

Keep reading for more information …..

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Date and Location of Winter Meeting is Announced

The East Region AWSA winter meeting is open to all members alongside our council members, national directors, committee members and HNDs.

We had 23 attendees at our last winter meeting and we had 26 attendees at our summer meeting in Lake Placid.  I would love to see more faces in the crowd this year!

For our council and committee members – please bring a buddy to Jan 10th meeting! 🙂

Details: The Winter Meeting will be held on Saturday, January 10th.To lock in head count please send email to (Marie Baker) if you are attending. Respond by 12/15.Winter meeting timing is as follows:

  •   Start @ 9.30 am
  •   Lunch (provided – RSVP required) @ 12pm
  •   End @ 4.00pm

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