Remembering Steve Lohr

Steve Lohr passed away this past week. Following are two recollections from Virginia friends/colleagues. Please keep the Lohr/Davis families in your prayers during this difficult time. View his obituary.

Steve Lohr

I suspect that most, if not all of you, have already heard that the Eastern Region lost someone very special on Tuesday afternoon.  I know that each of you have memories of your time spent with Steve.  For me personally, in addition to being a constant at  Virginia tournaments, teaching me how to be a proper boat judge, and administering my test to become a Regular slalom judge, Steve provided indispensable guidance, support, and encouragement in my roles as Va. Federation President, Va. Councilperson, and EVP.  For these things and many others, I will always be grateful for my time spent with him and appreciate all that he did for the greater water ski community.   

I’m sure the Lohr/Davis family would appreciate hearing about your memories, many of which you’ve already shared on Facebook.  If you’d like to express your condolences and share your memories in person, the arrangements are as follows:

Visitation: Sunday, April 21, between 6-8pm, at Storke Funeral Home, 111 S. Main St, Bowling Green VA 22427; funeral services: Monday, April 22, at 11am, Salem Baptist Church, 24032 Sparta Road, Milford, VA 22514.

Warm regards,
Karen Melnik

Dear Virginia water ski friends,

I am deeply saddened to learn that Steve Lohr passed away on Wednesday of this week. For 50+ years, Steve demonstrated his deep commitment to the sport we love through judging, driving, hosting record capable tournaments (free of charge!), holding several officer positions, and providing tow boats over the years for many Virginia tournaments. He supported his children and grandchildren at tournaments near and far (including on other continents). 

What I’ll remember most about Steve was his friendly, warm nature; always greeting me at tournaments with a smile and firm handshake. When I was a newcomer to the waterski tournament scene nearly a decade ago, Steve made me feel like a part of the Virginia water ski ‘family’ in short order. Just last Fall, he invited me into his home where he proctored the practical exam for my regular slalom judgeship. I will truly miss Steve!

A visitation will be held on Sunday, April 21, between 6-8pm, at Storke Funeral Home, 111 S. Main St, Bowling Green VA 22427; and a funeral service on Monday, April 22, at 11am, Salem Baptist Church, 24032 Sparta Road, Milford, VA 22514.

Please keep the Lohr/Davis families in your prayers during this difficult time.

— John Wilson

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The passing of Jerry Stansberry

Jerry Stansberry, a pioneer of competitive water skiing in Virginia, passed away on Saturday, September 10th. Many of us have much appreciation and gratitude for what Jerry accomplished. Roger Hammel provided the following summary regarding Jerry’s contributions toward our sport.Photo from Parsell Funeral Homes website

Virginia Competitive WaterSkiers:

If you are relatively new to VA waterskiing, you may not know Jerry. So this is both a tribute to Jerry and a bit of a history lesson as I remember or know it.

Jerry has been retired from the Virginia and Eastern Region skiing scene for about 5 years, maybe a couple more, electing to become an Emeritus Judge. Before that, Jerry was a very active Senior Judge in our area.

To get a sense of the importance of Jerry to Virginia and Eastern Region waterskiing, you need to go back into the late 50’s and play it forward from there. So lets talk about Jerry and competitive skiing in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and later so everyone gets a sense of who this lady was and her central roles in waterskiing as we know it. It is a wee small history lesson for VA competitive waterskiing, too, focused on Jerry.  Not everyone or every lake is mentioned, as this is a description of Jerry and her roles. You have my apologies for omissions. Continue reading

Paul Allebach 1940 – 2019

Paul Allebach passed away September 19 at his home in Harleysvile, PA, following an extended illness.  He is survived by his wife Sarah, sisters Alice Kolb and Esther Kauffman, brothers Jim and Abe, nieces Nancy Swartout and Kathy Becker, and many other nieces and nephews.

Paul was a member of AWSA for almost 60 years, participating in many local, regional and national tournaments as both a trick skier and a senior driver. He was a member of the Diamond State Water Ski Team, served as chief driver of Nationals and drove several Pan-Am tournaments.  Paul was a member of the AWSA board of directors and chairman of the towboat committee for a number of years.

He also enjoyed many snow skiing trips, visiting new resorts whenever possible.  He followed Philadelphia sports teams and NASCAR.

Read the full obituary at

Records Updated

Records have been updated. Anyone achieving a record between now and the end of year, please remember:

The skier is responsible to apply for a record in a timely manner. There is currently no paper form; submit your Eastern Region records via online form, or contact Chip Shand directly. It may take some time for the page to be updated after verification. Again, region records (not state), will be included on this site.

Check the appropriate page of records before the end of the calendar year to make sure your record is properly recorded. Year-end is deadline to be included in following year’s guidebook.


Directions to Avon, CT, Important Note

The Old Farms Skiers strongly advise that you follow the directions below to the site along the noted main roads. Although alternate routes may look appealing, parts of Old Farms Road are narrow and windy and there is a bridge closure from July 20 through August 5. The best directions are noted in BLUE on map at right. The site is 15 minutes from the highway.

From Interstate 84, take exit 39.

Head west on State Hwy 508.

In 0.8 mile, State Hwy 508 turns slightly right and becomes CT-4 West.

In 0.7 mile, turn right onto CT-10 North.

In 5.6 miles, use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto US-44 West.

In 0.7 mile, turn left onto Old Farms Road.

In 3/4 mile, turn left into The Pond driveway.

(If you reach Avon Self Storage, you have gone too far.)

Ed Brazil Passed Away

Ed accepts the Alan Rossi Award from Bruce Epstein in 2009.

Ed Brazil, a Lifetime Ambassador Member of USA Water Ski & Wake Sports, passed away on Friday, April 26. Brazil, a native of Laconia, NH, was known throughout the water ski world for his work as a technical controller, his contributions to water ski site development, and innovation for all things water ski related.