NYS Championships

The 2017 New York State Water Ski Championships will be held at Twin Lakes, Monroe, NY in conjunction with the Regional Tune Up. The event will be held on July 8 & 9 and is open to all New York skiers. The Tune Up is open to all skiers.

As noted, the event is held in conjunction with the Tune Up. There will not be separate events or rounds for the NY skiers, but for purposes of the Championships, the event will be scored as if only the NY skiers participated. The scores of non-NY skiers will not be effected for the Tune Up, or the ranking list, they just won’t be counted for the NY tournament.

Given that the Tune Up is sanctioned for four rounds, the first round Tune Up scores will count for purposes of the State Championships.

Awards for first place will mailed to the winners of all State Championship events, including overall.

There are no extra registration requirements. On-line registration is encouraged. If you have questions about the State Championships, please contact John Wilkins at wilkins@northnet.org. If you have questions about the Tune Up, please refer to the Tournament Guide or use the AWSA mobile app.

Cash Prize Jumping Tournament

Would anyone with an interest in competing in a cash prize jumping tournament to be held in Lake Placid or Saranac Lake at some point between early July and mid September please contact me at waterskilakeplacid.com I’d like to get a rough idea of the potential interest. Feelers have gone out to Canada as well. Men and women. This is an idea only, and I’d like to see if there is interest before I get carried away with a new project.┬áJohn Wilkins