Athlete Awards

James G. Sylvester memorial trophy

This award is presented to the individual demonstrating the highest degree of sportsmanship and integrity in the sport of water skiing.

2021Pat Byrne
2020Dave Knight
2019Hutch Haines
2018Scott Behner
2017John Paulovich
2016Marie Baker
2015Tonya Maurer
2014Chip Shand
2013Russ Cole
2012Dave Allen
2011George Vosburgh
2010Jon Thacher
2009Dean Rudy
2008Marie Fields
2007Jennifer Frederick Kelly
2006Gary Noll
2005Ron Ramsey
2004Mike Lauretano
2003Clarence Swift
2002Ann Lohr
2001Doug Robbins
2000Gertha Hancock
1999Jim Meis
1998Steve Lohr
1997Roger Hammel
1996Howie Emerson
1995Tom Hinman
1994Bud Raley
1993Lee Mershon
1992Marie Baker
1991Nancy DeJesus
1990Paul Allebach
1989Gail Ferrelli
1988Jerry Stansberry
1987John Autore
1986Bill Baker, Sr.
1985Warren Witherell
1984Robert Corson
1983Tiny Richards
1982Jane Carroll
1981Mary Wenner
1980Judy Richardson
1979Tony Kluge
1978Hank Miner
1977Lex Carroll
1976C.W. Wenner

Tiny Richards Memorial Award

This award is presented to the judge who displays the most skill, knowledge and dedication to the sport of water skiing.

2020Billy Cirilli
2019Jon Thacher
2018Roger Hammel
2017Gary Noll
2016Dave Knight
2015Jerry Stansberry
2014Kevin Driggers
2013Roger Hammel
2012Bill Cooper
2011Dean Rudy
2010Clarence Swift
2009Bill Baker
2008Gary Noll
2007Dave Robbins
2006Bill Baker
2005Ralph Hall
2004Ralph Hall
2003Bill Baker. Sr
2002Steve Lohr
2001Donna Laskey
2000Bill Baker. Sr
1999Jim Meis
1998Kenny Crofton
1997Roger Hammel
1996Joe Deltondo
1995Lee Mershon
1994Rick Norford
1993Howie Emerson
1992Ken Mead
1991Joe DeJesus
1990Rick Norford
1989Jerry Woodward
1988Sarah Allebach
1987Jerry Stansberry
1986Joe DeJesus
1985Bill Baker, Sr.

Gertha & James Hancock Memorial Award

2021Jim Powell
2020(not awarded)
2019Karen Melnik
2018TG Powell
2017Chip Shand
2016Al Harris
2015Kevin Driggers
2014Wick (Wilson) Merchant
2013Jonathan Thacher
2012Ralph Hall
2011Peggy Harris
2010Marie Fields
2009Ron Ramsey
2008Ann Lohr
2007Kathy Roach
2006Roger Hammel


This award is presented to the best overall male and female skier in the Eastern Regional Tournaments based on total NOPS score.

2020Ava Cole/Ty Robbins
2019Emma Davis/Jake Abelson
2018Emma Davis/Quinn Haines
2017Sage Pottbecker/Brody Keller
Also recognizedCameron Davis/Jake Abelson
(highest NOPS but as G1/B1 only 2-event)
2016Emma Davis/Brody Keller
2015Sara Lemley/Quinn Haines
2014Ashley Robbins/Chris Driggers
2013Ashley Robbins/Quinn Haines
2012Quinn Haines/Becky Bartlett
2011Jon Paulovich/Jessie Dobbertin
2010Ashley Robbins/Chris Goodhue
2009Jon Paulovich/Jazmine Mosley
2008Lauren Barney/Jonathan Paulovich
2007Alex Lauretano/Paul Bellucci
2006Jon Paulovich/Alex Lauretano
2005Alex Lauretano/Blake Alessandroni
2004Don Henderson/Alex Lauretano
2003Don Henderson/Natalie Hammel
2002Don Henderson/Natalie Hammel
2001Don Henderson/Ginger Jorden
2000Jena Hinman/Tom Hinman
1999Jena Hinman/Gordon Gay
1998Don Henderson/Natalie Hammel
1997Benny Lohr/Susie Lohr
1996Don Henderson/Susie Lohr
1995Gordon Gay/Susie Lohr
1994Benny Lohr/Ginger Jordan
1993Bob Hughes/Susie Lohr
1992Bob Hughes/Susie Lohr
1991Bob Hughes/Kelly Hunt
1990Benny Lohr/Brenda Nichols
1989Benny Lohr/Kristen Carroll
1988Bob Hughes/Vicki Sarig
1987Bob Hughes/Bea Debus
1986Don Henderson/Bea Debus
1985Chip Debus/Brenda Nichols
1984Mark Masiello/Sherron Hill
1983Tom Kelly, Sr./Sherron Hill
1982Todd Jameson/Sherron Hill

Ken Mead Memorial Award

This award is presented to the Men III or above skier who exemplifies Ken’s values and love for waterskiing.

2021Matt Byrne
2019Don Nichols
2018Billy Cirilli
2017Bruce Epstein
2016John Autore
2015Wick Merchant
2014Bob Morris
2013Russ Cole
2012Bill Cooper
2011George Vosburgh
2010Hutch Haines
2009David Robbins
2008Doug Robbins
2007Mike Adams
2006Lee Gottschalk
2005Dave Wiley
2004Louis Abel
2003Ken Crofton
2002Al Luck
2001Steve Lohr
2000Gordon Gay
1999Don Henderson
1998Bill Mahan
1997Bill Baker, Sr.
1996Lee Mershon
1995Jimmy Mandolis
1994Tom Hinman
1993Bud Raley
1992Bill Lohr

Al Tyll Award

For the highest score in Tricks at the Eastern Regionals

2020Alexia Abelson/Jake Abelson
2019Susie Davis/Jake Abelson
2018Emma Davis/Jake Abelson
2017Susie Davis/Jake Abelson
2016Susie Davis/Randy Cole
2015Susie Lohr/Quinn Haines
2014Sara Lemley/Quinn Haines
2013Susie Lohr Davis/Quinn Haines
2012Ashley Robbins/Randy Cole
2011Ashley Robbins/ Kevin Jack
2010Ashley Robbins/Blake Allesandroni
2009Jazmine Mosley/Jon Paulovich
2008Julie Harris/Kevin Jack
2007Alex Lauretano/Kevin Jack
2006Alex Lauretano/Johathan Paulovich
2005Sara Roach/Lee Gotschalk
2006Natalie Hammel/Richard Abelson
2003Natalie Hammel/Brett Patten
2002Natalie Hammel/Brett Patten
2001Natalie Hammel/Brett Patten
2000Keith Dishman

Alan Rossi Memorial Award

Presented each year to the skier and/or official who best exemplifies the spirit of Alan Rossi: “The Real Deal, a love of the sport, enthusiasm and dedication to tournament water skiing, an interest in helping others, and a true friend.”

2022Scott Behner
2021Chip Jones
2020Tonya Maurer
2019Paul Myers
2018Bruce Epstein
2017Darlene McCormick
2016Skip Hommel
2015Randy Youngsma
2014Mike Tilton
2013Russ Cole
2012David Allen
2011George Vosburgh
2010Dave Robbins
2009Ed Brazil
2008Bill Swaffield
2007Howie Emerson