A note from EVP

A quick note to wish everyone well as the season hits high gear here in the east and forward along some nuggets about the region …….
0-Clinics, more clinics and more clinics …. region has hosted their fair share of officials clinics already this year.  There have been approximately 7 new officials, 7 upgrades.  There is motion on the table (not yet approved) to give officials that are still on the downgrade list – up until Dec 31, 2014 to meet the renewal requirements.  More to come on that.  Also, I’ll work to get current stats of total clinics, new officials and officials that have upgraded for the summer meeting.
1-In visiting one of my first stops of the “Tour Of The East” I was able to participate in a wonderful tournament @ Given’s Pond in DE.  There were at a minimum 5 clubs represented and a broad range of talent.  It was great to connect with the site owners Hunter & Tracy Phillips and spend time with many others (The Bakers, Brett B, Clarence, Steve V, Jerry S, Amy C, Suzanne M, Tom W, The Nichols, The Carpenters …..many others).  A must go for those that have ski and will travel!
2-We have a new Council Member – Brett Brandau who will be representing DE.  Welcome aboard Brett!!!!
3-We have some vacancies – thoughts, ideas?
   Rules Committee (Lee Merchant is moving south)
   Jr Dev – Chris Goodhue is asking that someone step in, please contact me if you know of a candidate
   By Laws – Steve has noted he’s willing to stay on; however if there is someone that is interested please let us know
4-Jr Dev – our coordinated effort around Jr Dev clinics has hit the ground running!!!   First up was VA with 22 skiers across 3 days; MA is happening today with 7 skiers; CT happening tomorrow 10 skiers; NY happening 7/18-7/20 … they had 2-3 more slots.   Wahoo!!  Hoping to see some pictures and stories come from these events that we can highlight at the summer meeting!
5-Summer Meeting – please send me agenda topics.  I will not be running through a long agenda – the aim will be to focus on key topics.
   a) Power Up Adirondacks is getting ready for the big event that is less than  26 days away
   b) Jump has been purchased and is working order waiting to go into the water
   c) Jump course was dropped through the ice over the winter
   d) team is busy building docks and judges towers
   e) registration is in full swing – and expect a spike in entries this week.  Currently we have 129 skiers.    First late fee hit on 7/7.  Next one is just around the corner.
   f) Promo boats have been secured from all 4 manufactures and boat draw has been published
   g) Practice times on Mirror Lake will be on Wed (9-5pm) and on Fri (after the event – 8pm)
   h) Trick skiers are required to water floatation; some of us have had conversations around this topic please prepare your status/clubs accordingly
   i) a Freq Asked Question (FAQ) sheet will be posted on the AWSA East website next week for reference
   j) I was asked about a conference call specific to regionals, if there is an interest I’ll see what I can coordinate
   k) If you are interested in volunteering – please contact Andi Paradis @ aapadk@gmail.com.   There is a variety of volunteering events.
   l) questions regarding regionals please funnel them through John Wilkins @ wilkins@centralny.twcbc.com also Check out the Power Up Adirondacks web site for more info on the regional championships: waterskilakeplacid.com.


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