2021 AWSA Eastern Regionals

2021 Eastern Regionals at The Pond (Lake)

In the past 4 days we have enjoyed great performances by water skiers of all ages at the 2021 Mastercraft Eastern Regionals hosted by the Avon Old Farms Skiers in Avon, CT. https://www.oldfarmsskiers.com/2020-eastern-regional-championships/
The juniors started things out on Thursday and Friday with great performances by many of our young skiers.
Here’s a link to all of the results… https://www.awsaeast.org/wp-content/uploads/21E998CS.htm

Top 5 for all Slalom Divisions…

PlaceSkier NameDivMphRopeBuoysScore
1Davis, RickyB13028 Off0.2566.25
2Davis, BenjaminB12615 Off143
3Brandau, TurnerB126Long2.538.5
4Yonce, ParkerB126Long036
1Robbins, TyB23235 Off286
2Bartlett, AaronB23232 Off280
3Davis, FreddyB23232 Off179
4Carpenter, LelandB23228 Off173
5Abelson, SamuelB23215 Off3.563.5
1Abelson, JakeB33432 Off488
2Stein, AustinB33428 Off280
3Byrne, JeremiahB33422 Off274
4Wilson, RyanB33215 Off565
5Frucci, RobertB33015 Off458
1Quimper, AJB43628 Off3.587.5
2O’Brien, BrendanB43622 Off583
3Fosbenner, ZacharyB43615 Off577
4Moisan, VictorB43615 Off274
5Craig, RobertB43215 Off363
1Bruzzese, WillB53635 Off4.5100.5
2Powell, RobertB53628 Off387
3Miller, MatthewB53628 Off1.585.5
4Robbins, EvanB53628 Off0.584.5
5Walsh, GordonB53628 Off084
1Byrne, AddyG12615 Off446
1Byrne, TiaG23232 Off280
2Abelson, AlexiaG23232 Off0.578.5
3Tompkins, LilyG23228 Off476
4Dann, IsabelaG22415 Off137
5Kreft, KristinaG223Long226
1Carpenter, ZoeG33235 Off286
2Davis, CameronG33232 Off280
3Cole, AvaG33228 Off476
4Tompkins, KendallG33222 Off369
5Nichols, EmilyG33222 Off268
1Davis, EmmaG43435 Off090
2Stenger, SolieG43222 Off4.570.5
3Campfield, AbigailG428Long0.542.5
4Takken, LauraG42815 Off00
1Pottbecker, SageG53435 Off292
2Hill, SamanthaG53428 Off1.579.5
3Jamison, LibbyG53422 Off2.574.5
4Craig, KatherineG53415 Off571
1Frucci, CollinM13632 Off292
2Cirilli, RoccoM13622 Off2.52.5
3Kuzdzal, BlakeM13015 Off1.51.5
1Paulovich, JonathanM23638 Off4106
2Warner, DanM23638 Off1103
3Haines, WyattM23638 Off0.5102.5
4Fulton, HarryM23422 Off5.55.5
1Stlaurent, DerrickM33438 Off2.598.5
2Hinman, DanaM33438 Off2.598.5
3Genetti, DerekM33435 Off3.593.5
4Brandau, BrettM33435 Off3.593.5
5Byrne, MattM33435 Off393
1Bellefeuille, ScottM43438 Off1.597.5
2Morrill, PatrickM43438 Off197
3Nichols, DonaldM43438 Off197
4Fogarty, TerenceM43435 Off3.593.5
5Maurer, ColeM43435 Off1.591.5
1Haines, HutchM53435 Off3.593.5
2Kokernak, DavidM53432 Off387
3Newmark, RaymondM53432 Off2.586.5
4Cirilli, BillM53428 Off2.580.5
5Shelhamer, MichaelM53428 Off280
1Wilkins, JohnM63435 Off696
2Cerosky, ScottM63435 Off292
3Tilton, MichaelM63432 Off3.587.5
4Rudy, DeanM63432 Off387
5Radimer, BobM63432 Off1.585.5
1Kopecky, ChrisM73238 Off292
2Riegert, DavidM73232 Off583
3Gelfant, FrederickM73232 Off381
4Afonso, RuiM73228 Off274
1Fields, LewisM83232 Off2.580.5
2Hall, RalphM83015 Off22
3Gendron, CarlosM83222 Off22
4White, ThomasM82815 Off0.50.5
1Reithner, RobertM92415 Off5.55.5
2Mcneil, GeorgeM93022 Off22
1Shelhamer, WhitneyW13428 Off381
2Hill, KellyW13222 Off571
3Fake, JacquelineW13415 Off571
1Hanson, AdrianneW23222 Off3.569.5
1Bartlett, RebeccaW33428 Off381
2Sembos, AnnaW33422 Off4.576.5
3Stenger, KarliW33215 Off2.562.5
4Carpenter, LedaW33015 Off458
5Tarum, BethanneW32815 Off250
1Craig, AmyW43432 Off0.584.5
2Frucci, DianaW43415 Off369
3Melnik, KarenW43222 Off1.567.5
4Olinger, DianaW43222 Off0.566.5
5Powell, TalithaW42315 Off11
1Rivers, JeannieW53228 Off173
2Hill, KathyW53015 Off458
3Hommel, JulieW53015 Off155
4Dunkle, DianeW52815 Off048
1Callan, KathyW63222 Off167

Top 5 for all Trick Divisions…

PlaceSkier NameDivPass 1Pass 2Score
1Davis, RickyB1126022903550
2Davis, BenjaminB188010601940
3Yonce, ParkerB14000400
4Brandau, TurnerB120060260
1Robbins, TyB2149014602950
2Davis, FreddyB2142011502570
3Abelson, SamuelB29803801360
4Powell, DanielB29603301290
5Bartlett, AaronB27404201160
1Abelson, JakeB34090639010480
1Moisan, VictorB49203001220
2Craig, RobertB46000600
1Robbins, EvanB5118022103390
2Miller, MatthewB511306301760
3Powell, RobertB510007101710
4Keller, BrodyB55800580
1Abelson, AlexiaG2171024404150
2Dann, IsabelaG2170330500
3Byrne, TiaG2140180320
1Davis, CameronG3160026104210
2Alessi, KeiraG3130014602760
3Cole, AvaG38406801520
4Carpenter, ZoeG3540330870
5Nichols, EmilyG3570200770
1Davis, EmmaG445021502600
2Stenger, SolieG48404601300
1Pottbecker, SageG531013701680
2Hill, SamanthaG57607601520
3Craig, KatherineG58403301170
1Haines, QuinnM1186015403400
2Cirilli, RoccoM1187012103080
1Paulovich, JonathanM2286016104470
1Byrne, MattM3240660900
1Nichols, DonaldM472013002020
2Abelson, StuartM4011101110
3Powell, JamesM4220590810
1Jones, ChandlerM5107015002570
2Cirilli, BillM57109601670
3Kokernak, DavidM56109401550
4Shelhamer, MichaelM56805501230
5Haines, HutchM53007401040
1Allen, DavidM611609802140
2Wilkins, JohnM6300350650
3Linton, DavidM65000500
1Berkley, EarlM7570340910
1White, ThomasM88900890
1Reithner, RobertM926060320
1Hill, KellyW16903801070
2Shelhamer, WhitneyW1120410530
1Hanson, AdrianneW26600660
1Sembos, AnnaW381010301840
2Bartlett, RebeccaW3580310890
1Olinger, DianaW47607601520
2Craig, AmyW4580330910
3Powell, TalithaW440040
1Rivers, JeannieW514060200

Top 5 for all Jump Divisions…

1Robbins, TyB228.192
2Bartlett, AaronB224.179
3Dann, BrodieB216.354
4Davis, FreddyB214.949
5Abelson, SamuelB213.745
1Abelson, JakeB324.280
1Kokernak, JamesB423.376
2Moisan, VictorB411.237
3Craig, RobertB400
1Keller, BrodyB549.1161
2Robbins, EvanB545.7150
3Powell, RobertB529.496
4Miller, MatthewB518.661
1Abelson, AlexiaG212.240
2Byrne, TiaG29.531
3Dann, IsabelaG200
1Cole, AvaG323.978
2Davis, CameronG314.548
3Carpenter, ZoeG311.437
1Davis, EmmaG419.765
2Stenger, SolieG400
1Pottbecker, SageG535.7117
2Hill, SamanthaG532.2106
1Keller, BlakeM155.2181
2Shirley, BryceM145.2148
3Frucci, CollinM137.5123
1Paulovich, JonathanM251.1168
1Musty, BenM334.5113
1Kokernak, JamesM438.4126
2Powell, JamesM413.745
1Haines, HutchM546151
2Zeisler, DanM545.1148
3Kokernak, DavidM532105
4Cirilli, BillM524.982
5Jones, ChandlerM500
1Allen, DavidM620.467
2Wilkins, JohnM612.541
1White, ThomasM812.742
1Reithner, RobertM900
1Haines, QuinnOM61.6202
1Hill, KellyW121.169
2Shelhamer, WhitneyW13.535
1Bartlett, RebeccaW324.982
1Craig, AmyW417.256
1Veronesi, TinaW500

Top 5 for all Overall Divisions…

Overall PlaceSkier NameDivScore
1Davis, RickyB12441.7
2Davis, BenjaminB11826.5
3Yonce, ParkerB11276.5
4Brandau, TurnerB11238.1
1Robbins, TyB23734.6
2Bartlett, AaronB22954
3Davis, FreddyB22684.2
4Abelson, SamuelB21879.4
5Powell, DanielB21590.9
1Abelson, JakeB33390.4
1Moisan, VictorB41213.9
1Robbins, EvanB52350.1
2Powell, RobertB51612.1
3Keller, BrodyB51500.9
4Miller, MatthewB51297.7
1Abelson, AlexiaG23356.4
2Byrne, TiaG22299
3Dann, IsabelaG21123.2
1Davis, CameronG33074.3
2Cole, AvaG32832.5
3Carpenter, ZoeG32636.1
1Davis, EmmaG42306.3
2Stenger, SolieG41058
1Pottbecker, SageG52717.7
2Hill, SamanthaG52277.2
1Paulovich, JonathanM23045.7
1Powell, JamesM41053.3
1Haines, HutchM52526.7
2Kokernak, DavidM51948.6
3Cirilli, BillM51579.3
4Jones, ChandlerM51074
1Wilkins, JohnM61391.6
2Allen, DavidM61339.2
1White, ThomasM8818.7
1Reithner, RobertM9317.3
1Hill, KellyW11739.4
2Shelhamer, WhitneyW11367.3
1Bartlett, RebeccaW32088.9
1Craig, AmyW42059.4

A big thank you to all the officials and volunteers that made this event possible, and of course the Old Farms Skiers who have made herculean efforts to put on the Eastern regionals for three years straight in spite of a global pandemic and pre-tournament flooding that added to an already big challenge. What a fantastic event it was. I am so proud of our Eastern Region water ski community!

If you have a photo or two that you’d like to share, please email them to easternevp@gmail.com and I’ll try to get them included on this site, FB and Instagram.

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