2014 Sparta Virginia Junior Development Waterski Clinics

Dear Junior Skiers and Parents:

The Virginia Water Ski Federation and the Eastern Region of USA Waterski are pleased to invite you to attend this Summer’s Virginia Junior Development Waterski Clinics.  We are proud to be offering the 3-day overnight clinic in 2014!  The clinic dates will be June 23-25.  Last year’s 3-day clinic was a screaming success, and we hope to continue to build and grow this clinic.  In 2013, the clinic was primarily attended by VA junior skiers. With more initiative at the regional level this year, however, we are hoping to attract skiers from all across the East. So get your application in early!

Please mail the 2014SpartaJDApplication, a VAJDMedicalHistoryQuestionnaire, an Adult-MinorEventWaiver (and a 2014VAJumpWaiverAddendum if applicable), and a check made payable to Virginia Water Ski Federation ($250), to:

Corey Vaughn
3654 Buckner Rd
Bumpass, VA 23024

With a wealth of wonderful lakes (Timberlake, Lake Holly, Lohr’s Lake and Lake Marracossic) within mere miles of each other, and a wealth of experienced officials (drivers, coaches, safety and chaperones), Sparta stands to create a truly special water ski experience.  The VA Jr. Development committee is committed to crafting an unparalleled water ski camp to serve the great juniors of the Eastern Region.  These clinics are not only an opportunity to take one’s skiing to the next level, but also to forge lifelong friendships, make memories and grow personally.

Our aim is to provide a safe environment at each clinic.  Safety officials will be present at all times during the clinic and the skiers’ medical file will be kept on hand in the event of an emergency.  The clinics will be sanctioned through USAWS.  Therefore, all participants must be members of USA Water Ski.  Memberships are easily available at USAwaterski.org.

During the clinic, chaperones will be stationed at each lake to oversee the groups of skiers and ensure order and proper conduct.  During the overnight clinic, boys and girls will, of course, be separated at curfew and escorted to their separate sleeping quarters by chaperones.  Rules of conduct will be thoroughly discussed and enforced.

Food and drinks will be provided during the 3-day clinic for participants.  Between the exercise and playing in the sun, nutrition and hydration are paramount.  Please send along plenty of SUNSCREEN, we will try to provide reminders to apply that sunscreen! Also, you may send any other comforts of home (snacks, gum, books, etc).

Spaces are limited for these clinics and we want to count you in!  Please be sure to complete and return your application in a timely manner.  If your application is accepted, admittance will be on a first come first serve basis.  Applications must be submitted by June 10 for consideration.  Refunds will only be issued if notice is given at least two weeks prior to the respective clinic(s) AND we can fill your spot.

The “two tournament requirement” will be waived, again, this year and there will be no further obligations beyond what you sign up for.  However, these clinics are being designed for skiers aspiring to compete at State, Regional and National levels.  We hope that the joy of participating in any/all of these events will inspire the skiers and families to become more deeply involved in this wonderful sport and we hope to start seeing you on the banks of ski lakes regularly!

We believe that we can offer a truly meaningful and rewarding experience and we hope that you decide to pursue this opportunity with passion!  Please do not hesitate to email Corey Vaughn with any further questions and/or clarifications.

Peace, Love & Waterskiing,
Corey Vaughn
VA Jr. Development Coordinator


P.S. Clinic “headquarters” will be at Timberlake.  Plan to drop off and pick up your junior skier at Timberlake. We plan to start skiing at 9am on 6/23. You may arrive early that morning or  between 7pm-9pm on 6/22.  We will wrap up the skiing by 4pm on 6/25. Please plan to pick up your exhausted youngster by 5:30pm.

Timberlake Address: 27523 Timberlake Dr. 
Milford, Va. 22514


It is doubtful that Pitt’s Pond will be in full operation and open to us this summer. It was a huge hit last year and we will do all we can to get in an evening of fun there, but absolutely NO PROMISES at this point. Keep your fingers crossed…

Recommended Checklist for Overnight Stay

–          Sleeping Bag and Pillow(s)
–          SUNSCREEN and Hat
–          All necessary ski equipment (gloves, vest, skis, handle, 3-event gear if applicable)
–          Duct Tape
–          Duct Tape
–          Duct Tape
–          Music
–          Water Bottle (to refill frequently)
–          Chewing Gum
–          Plenty of bathing suits
–          Towel(s)
–          Laundry bag
–          Toiletries and Shampoo/Conditioner
–          Book(s) and/or Magazines (WaterSki Mags NOT trashy teen Mags!)
–          Playing cards
–          Your A-Game

Do Not Bring

–          Expensive electronic devices (laptops, iPads, anything resembling a video game)
–          A bad attitude
–          Weapons
–          Cigarettes, Alcohol or Drugs

NOTE: Any camper caught with a weapon or banned substance (nicotine, alcohol or other drug) will be expelled from the camp immediately and will be banned from participation in the future.  Zero tolerance will be in effect regarding banned substances.  Any violation of the rules of conduct and/or curfew will also result in expulsion from this and, possibly, future clinics.

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