Remembering Hilary Swaffield

Hilary Swaffield, Womens 1 skier from New Hampshire, passed away on Sept. 12. She was the daughter of Bill (Mens 5 skier and senior official) and Becky, and the sister of Willie (Mens 2 skier) and Whitney.

(copied from The Granite State News, Thursday, September 27, 2007)

Accomplished athlete, talented musician

WOLFEBORO — Hilary Rebecca Swaffield, 23, passed away suddenly on Wednesday, Sept. 12, in Wolfeboro. She was born on March 7, 1984 in Concord, the daughter of William and Rebecca (Hunt) Swaffield. Continue reading

Remembering Alan Rossi

With great sadness we inform that Alan Rossi passed away suddenly on Saturday, 4/21. Alan was a friend and mentor to many, many people in the local water-ski community and New England tournament skiing. He competed at the regional and national levels, was instrumental in Jamie Beauschesne’s career development, was the uncle of world-class skier Chris Rossi. His accomplishments and contributions go on and on… He leaves his wife Connie, daughter Angie, brother Mark, nephews Chris and Tony, and father.

Funeral service was held Wednesday, April 25th, 1:00 at the St. Johnsbury North Congregational Church located at 1325 Main Street in St. Johnsbury.

See notes from friends on Green Mountain Water Skiers website (this link added 8/10/07 and URL modified at a later date).