2015 Eastern Regional Championships Conclude

The 2015 East Region Championships came to a close yesterday!  Congratulations to Lake Holly for a successful event!  It always takes a village to put on one of these events and the effort is acknowledged!

Shout out to everyone that took to the water over the last 4 days!  Without each and every one of you, this event would not be what it was! Congratulations to all those that landed on the podium – Well Done!!!   Look for links to the various photo albums  in the next couple of weeks if not sooner (thank you in advance to Ken Roach and Mike Mcnealy)!  My hope is that everyone went home with fond memories and some good stories!

Some items to note ….

  1. Award Winners:
    • James Sylvester Memorial:  Tonya Maurer
    • Tiny Richards Memorial: Jerry Stansberry
    • Gertha Hancock Memorial:  Kevin Driggers
    • Tom Kelly Jr. Memorial: to be announced later this week
    • Ken Mead Memorial: Wick Merchant
    • Al Tyll Award:  Suzie Lohr and Quinn Haines
    • Allan Rossi Award: to be announced later this year by the Green Mountain Water Skiers
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Congratulations to the following juniors…

…who made the ALL STAR TEAM and represented the East at this years Nationals in Bakersfield:
  • Jonathan Paulovich
  • Keith Corkery
  • Colin Potbecker
  • Chris Driggers
  • Caroline Cooper
  • Haley Haines
  • Ed Wiley
These juniors had outstanding performances at the regionals. Junior Development would also like to thank Mike Adams for his donation. Mike won the Ken Mead Award and donated the cash award he received to Junior Development.