One stop (and a bonus event) to go until NESS finals field determined

stop4culmWith one official stop and one bonus event (Regionals) remaining, the NESS season standings have been updated following the John’s Lake event last weekend in Wantage, N.J.

If the season were to end today, Bob Radimer, Scott Cerosky, Wyatt Haines, Scott Behner, Justin Campfield, Dan Warner, and Hutch Haines would qualify for the Men’s season-ending, head-to-head finals, Sept. 3-4, at Pangaea. On the Women’s side, Skylar Hathorn, Darlene Mccormick, Kathy Callan, and Tonya Maurer would be in.

This week’s Regionals scores will be used to award bonus NESS points – scored as if it were a regular NESS event – while the season’s final qualifying tournament will take place Aug. 27th at Wrightsville, Reservoir in Montpelier, Vermont.

Junior Development FUN at Regionals

We need your help to support the future of our sport!  Stop by the Junior Development Tent at Regionals to check out the FUNdraising activities:

Bake Sale
Equipment Exchange
Water Ski/East is Beast Car Decals
T-Shirt Sale

How can you help?

You can volunteer to get wet in the dunk machine during the carnival themed juniors party on site at Lake Holly Friday night.  We need judges, officials and other water ski dignitaries to take a turn getting dunked to raise money for Junior Development.  The sign-up for dunkees will be at the Junior Development Tent.

We need a few more volunteers to help with the Juniors carnival party, especially if you have any skills like face painting or making balloon animals.

Do you have t shirts left over from your tournaments or events?  Donate them to the Junior Development t shirt sale.  Event t shirts were some of our most popular items last year.

Donate you old water ski gear to the  Junior Development Equipment Exchange Bin.  Here is how it works: Bring your old wetsuits, bindings, gloves, handles, skis …. drop it off at the used equipment exchange bin – look for the big blue bucket …. and let’s do an equipment sale! You donate the equipment, others snag the equipment and put $$ in the jar.  – all proceeds go to Jr Dev!!!!!

Any questions or to volunteer to help out, contact TG Powell at 703 395 7499 or or stop by the juniors tent at Regionals.

7 days until the Eastern Regional Championships!!!

7 Days Out from our Big Event …… look for periodic updates on things like the Jr Dev activities, state teams, officials clinics and the overall regional event ….

Reminder we have a membership meeting on Thursday July 28th on or around 6pm in the pavilion on site at Lake Holly.  Join us for pizza and prizes!!!

See the membership agenda below … and RSVP via face book: Continue reading

Wyatt Haines and Skylar Hathorn take stop No. 3; season standings tightening

With three Northeast Slalom Series stops in the books, the race to qualify for the head-to-head finals is tightening up.

stop3pointsStop No. 3 was held last weekend at the Connecticut State Championships at Old Farms Pond in Avon, Conn.  Wyatt Haines made his first and so far only NESS appearance count, running 3 at 39 off (1105 NOPS points) to nail the top NESS score and 90 points in the process.  Open Men’s skier Dan Warner finished second, while Hutch Haines placed third.

In the Women’s division, Girl’s 2 skier Skylar Hathorn added to her series lead by edging Tonya Maurer.

In the season standings, Bob Radimer leads the Men with 110 points, while Scott Cerosky and Wyatt Haines are tied for second.  After three stops, they are joined by Scott Behner, Justin Campfield, Dan and Hutch in the top 50-percent of the field – the qualification mark for the season-ending, head-to-head tournament, Sept. 3-4, at Pangaea.  Kathy Callan, Darlene McCormick and Tonya are each tied for second behind Skylar in the Women’s division.

Stop No. 4 will be held July 23-24, at John’s Lake in Wantage, N.J. The following weekend is the Eastern Regional Championships, which has been designated as a bonus event for the NESS season.

Regionals Event Order, 2016 – Final

Provided by Sara Lemley, Chief Judge

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Slalom Slalom Slalom Slalom
G1 M6 M4 W2
G2 M9-11 M3 W1
B1 W7-11 W4 M1
B3 W5 W3 OM
B2 W6   M2
G3 M5   OW
  M7-8   MW
Tricks Jump Tricks Jump
G1 G3 M1-2 W4
B1 B2 OM M3
G2 G2 OW M4
B2 W5 MM W3
G3 M6-11 MW MW
B3 B3 M3-11 W1
  W6-11 W1-11 W2
  M5   MM

The East is at Risk ….

The East is at risk ….. We have several sites in the East that are at risk for not being able to run 3 event tournaments in 2017.  And some single event sites that are teetering on being able to run a slalom tournament.

Those sites, from what I can determine, from NJ and south are likely OK; those north of NJ will likely run into issues.

We have 3 event sites that have landed with a single point of failure because there is only one judge that has the applicable credentials to run all three events.  We all know that slalom can be covered (for the most part) since that event has the highest concentration of regular/senior judges; for Jump we are getting slim with judges with the appropriate ratings and for Trick we are running on a very weak thread. 

Personally I have done all that I can do to replenish the pipeline of officials (many have landed with cramps in their hands from the number of forms that I had them to sign), however what I have seen is that we have a limited number of assistant judges willing to move up the food chain and gain a regular judge rating, especially in Trick.  The other issue is State Safety officials – they are far and few between; again, for some sites, all the eggs are in one basket and if certain people win the lottery – buy that island in the Pacific – then we have sites that will not be able to have tournaments because certain officials can’t be cloned.

If you are a trick skier and you have an assistant judge rating; or you are a parent of a trick skier; I implore that you work towards applicable judge rating so that our 3 event tournaments can continue.  We need more officials with a ‘regular’ rating.

If you are a skier that can be fast tracked …. what are you waiting for?

For those veteran officials, please continue to work to find your backfills.  You need an exit strategy, please please please pass on your knowledge and experience to those around you.  Put kids, spouses and parents in towers, in boats, at the computer and in front of a monitor – expose them to what happens behind the wizard curtain.  Once that wizard curtain is open and we see that there is only one person standing behind it ….. we are in big trouble.

The unintended consequence of not having the appropriate judges with the appropriate ratings is that there will no longer be 3 event tournaments close enough to participate in; which means those seeking overall scores to qualify for regionals and/or nationals will lose the opportunity to do so.

What can you do to help?  Ask someone because we need you!

Update for Russ Cole Mass State Championships

Information in the Eastern Regional Guide for the Russ Cole Mass State Champions on July 16th and 17th is incorrect or a bit sparse.   The tournament schedule matrix is incorrectly showing slalom on Saturday and trick and jump on Sunday.  The correct order is that standard format of jump and trick on Saturday and slalom on Sunday

Just to be clarify the other information in the guide:

The cost for adults is $45 for 1 event and $55 for 2 or 3 events
The cost for juniors is $25 for 1 event and $35 for 2 or 3 events

Start Time: Saturday 8AM Sunday 8AM
Schedule of Events:
Jump 2 round back to back Saturday morning starting at 8:00AM
Trick 2 round back to back Saturday afternoon starting 1:00PM
Slalom 2 round on Sunday starting at 8:00AM Slalom order Juniors: Women: Men: 1 thru 10