Regionals Update #2 7/29

Two important updates:

Registration will be open at 8:00 a.m. at the H2O Pro Shop, not 12:00 as it says in the guidebook.

Practice on Wed. morning is still light. Please email Darlene if you’d like to reserve a spot, but please note, your spot is not confirmed until you purchase your ticket from Grace. Special pricing for the 8:00-10:00 time slots, $20. After 10:00, $25 as stated in the guidebook.

Lake Placid Weather

Here’s a click for the NOAA page for Lake Placid:

This click provides a two-day graphical projection of individual forecast elements.  A button allows shifting it forward or backward to other days:

Weather Geek

Regionals Banquet Info

Saturday 7 pm BBQ banquet at Smoke Signals. One block from Mid’s Park, brand new restaurant, upstairs room booked for Regionals, directly across from Starbucks, same building as Ben & Jerry’s, upstairs hall is reserved for us – cash bar, soft drinks included – cost is $25. Tickets may be purchased with registration. Contact Grace Wilkins.

2014 Eastern Regional Championship Event Running Order

Attached is the final event running order for the 2014 Eastern Regional Championships.

Look forward to seeing folks at Mirror Lake!

REGIONALS FINAL EVENT RUNNING ORDER_2014 07 16 — Removed and replaced 7/23 by webmaster. The running order below adds 5-1/2′ jumpers at the end of the day to allow jump height to be changed only once.


Please forward questions to John Wilkins and visit for details on the event.

Regionals Update 7/16

1. Volunteers for dock starting, practice (drivers, safety coordinators, ticket takers), safety  – please contact Andi Paradis <> with your contact information & availability.
2. Practice hours are different than what is in the guide book. Wednesday 9-5; Friday end of tournament to 8 PM. For questions contact John Wilkins.
3. Reminder about floatation for trick skiers – for questions contact John Wilkins. See previous website post for some info as well.
4. Jr. dev event – Thursday night @ Bowlwinkles – starts promptly at 7.30pm – for questions contact Mike Shelhamer (
5. The official event running order based on the boat draw will be available on the AWSA East Website tomorrow 7/17.

Driver Downgrades

USAWS has sent me a list of AWSA drivers who will be downgraded if they do not address deficiencies. Many on the list only need to renew membership and/or initiate an MVR check, things that can be done online. If deficiencies are corrected very quickly, the affected individuals will not be downgraded. Once downgraded, it is still possible to fix it, but not without a lot of hassle, and until fixed, you will have the lower rating. I have sent an email to the affected drivers.  If you did not receive the email, but are are uncertain of your status, I suggest you check your personal record online.

Al Harris

Regionals Walkie Talkies

The Regionals planning committee requested that any officials/volunteers that have walkie talkies would be helping in a big way if they can bring their own. It was brought to our attention that knowledge of the spectrum is important. The Regionals planning committee is purchasing the “civilian” Motorola variety, family/public band.