Regionals Update 6/13

1.Promo boats need to be registered with required safety equipment.
2.Trick skiers should be prepared to compete with a PFD. Something like an O’Neill vest will be fine.
3.Promo boats need to arrive in Lake Placid by 10 AM on Tuesday. Boats have to be checked in, taken off trailers and cleaned to prevent the spread of invasives and be ready to be launched by noon. We have three hours on Tuesday to get all boats mapped in for slalom and jump. Wednesday is practice and we may not have time to deal with getting boats set up on Wednesday.
4. If officials own their own walkie talkie radios, please bring them to the event. We have a limited number of radios and if you can provide your own, it will be a big help.

Jr Dev Clinic – still have openings – NY

5 slots still open …….

New York

  • Date(s): 7/18-7/20 (3 days, 3 nights)
  • Where:  Pangaea, Canajoharie, NY
  • Times:  Start at 8am
  • Coach:   Brookes Wilson
  • Cost: $130 per skier
  • # Of Sets: 3 sets per skier
  • Events:  Slalom Clinic
  • Maximum Capacity: 15 skiers, payment secures slot
  • Tournament: Pangaea # 37 tourny included in clinic cost
  • Overnight accommodations:  Pangaea site fees apply, see for details
  • Afterhours Events Included: Traditional Pangaea fun and games! See for details
  • Big Kids (adults):  If room – $60/set of six passes or 20 minutes; additional $40 for 2nd/3rd Sets
  • ContactMike Shelhamer, 518.229.5138

Cash Prize Tournament in KY

One of our sister regions is hosting a Cash Prize tournament.  Check out the email & link below.

July 18-20, Eric Kelley and Bob Harris are putting on a cash prize, head to head tournament at our site in KY.  A part of the tournament is also a fund raiser for In His Wakes.  There will be 3 events over the weekend.

 The 34mph event is billed as Average Joes vs Bikini Pros, and will be gals going head to head with the guys.  There will be some really good 34mph guys coming to see if they have what it takes to keep up with Regina.  It will be hard to bet against her. The finals will be at night under the lights.

 The 36mph event is also cash prize, head to head.  Some of the top non-pro skiers at that speed are coming, so that competition will also be at a high level.

 We’re also going to have a class C tournament running on one lake so that family members and tournament helpers can join in the fun.

Here’s a link to our Federation website where we have it posted.  InHisWakesHeadToHead

Alert 2014 Tournament Changes

1- The Twin Lakes June Tournament (6/22) has been canceled due to lack of entries.  The Twin Lakes July tournament is STILL ON – Get your entries in … it’s a great site!

2- The Connecticut States has a shift in events – Slalom will be on SATURDAY, Trick and Jump will be on SUNDAY.  This is the weekend of 6/28-6/29.