Driver Clinic in DE on June 7th

Contact Brett Brandau ( if you are interested in the following clinic: Delaware will be hosting 2 driver clinics on June 7th. One for trained drivers which is required to drive any boat during a sanctioned event which will be led by Tonya Maurer. The second is a clinic for aspiring/tournament drivers led by Tom Witkowski and Al Harris. For those that plan to participate in a tournament, it is highly recommended that you take the trained drivers clinic as it is required even to drive a pick up boat or shuttle judges. In addition, since we will be evaluating drivers pulling skiers, please bring your skis!! Continue reading

ER Records Repository Requirements Posted for Comment

An initiative is under way to develop an online Eastern Region records repository to be hosted along with AWSAEast. A core team comprised of Dave Allen, Darlene McCormick, Chip Shand, and Al Harris has been working on initial documentation of requirements. The requirements are not yet finalized but have progressed to a point where they will benefit from broader input and are now posted here in an Excel workbook (link below) for general comment from the region. The first sheet, General Requirements, identifies functionality to be provided and practical considerations for technology and resources. The second sheet, Fields in Record Entry, identifies the data to be held for each record entry. Continue reading

East Region Winter Meeting Minutes & Financials

Meeting notes from the January 11, 2014 East Region Winter Meeting are now available – see link at the end of this post.  The East Region 2013 year end budget and financial summary is also included in the meeting notes.  Please contact Tonya Maurer East Region EVP, AWSA ( with questions or feel free to comment via blog post. EastRegionWinterMeeting NOTES 2014 01 11 v2

AWSA Water Ski Board of Director Documents

Eastern Region Council & Committee members – Attached is AWSA Board of Director Package for the January 25, 2014 meeting in FL.  Please review your respective areas, any areas of interest and bring updates and commentary to the East Region Winter meeting on January 11th.  Contact Doug Robbins or Tonya Maurer with questions. AWSA BOD Packet – January 2014

Hutch Haines to ski in the 35+ World Championships Oct 2014

Wahoo! Congratulations to Hutch Haines!! One of the 8 skiers to represent the USA in the 35+ World Championships! Check out the USA Waterski Web Site for details.

Athletes selected to the U.S. 35+ Water Ski World Championships Team were: Brenda Baldwin (Windermere, Fla.), Women 35-44; Marc Shaw (Orlando, Fla.), Men 35-44; Jeff Surdej (Wilmington, Ill.), Men 35-44; Lori Krueger (Martindale, Texas); Women 45-54; Hutch Haines (Avon, Conn.), Men 45-54; Joy Kelley (Loudon, Tenn.), Women 55-64; Janie Fausold (Pleasant Grove, Calif.), Women 55-64; and Curtis Rabe (Orlando, Fla.), Men 55-64.