2015 Regionals Photos & Scores

Many photos were taken at this year’s Regionals. See photo gallery page.

Julie Erwin, Ken Roach, Orly B, Diane Thacher, Tonya Maurer and others, please send me links to any photo albums you have on the web. I will add the URL links to our photo gallery page. Or send any originals to my email address.

I also welcome any photos that would work well in the header of this site; they will be cropped to about 1/3 of their height.

Scores have been posted by USA WaterSki. And here is the online scorebook.

2015 Eastern Regional Championships Conclude

The 2015 East Region Championships came to a close yesterday!  Congratulations to Lake Holly for a successful event!  It always takes a village to put on one of these events and the effort is acknowledged!

Shout out to everyone that took to the water over the last 4 days!  Without each and every one of you, this event would not be what it was! Congratulations to all those that landed on the podium – Well Done!!!   Look for links to the various photo albums  in the next couple of weeks if not sooner (thank you in advance to Ken Roach and Mike Mcnealy)!  My hope is that everyone went home with fond memories and some good stories!

Some items to note ….

  1. Award Winners:
    • James Sylvester Memorial:  Tonya Maurer
    • Tiny Richards Memorial: Jerry Stansberry
    • Gertha Hancock Memorial:  Kevin Driggers
    • Tom Kelly Jr. Memorial: to be announced later this week
    • Ken Mead Memorial: Wick Merchant
    • Al Tyll Award:  Suzie Lohr and Quinn Haines
    • Allan Rossi Award: to be announced later this year by the Green Mountain Water Skiers
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Flash T-7 to Regionals

News Flash T-7 to regionals ….. JR Development Fundraising ….. 1)  check out the raffle (first item is a custom made long board donated by Crystal and Darrel DeBey) –> see the picture!!!!  Bring your cash there will be more offerings for the raffle …..    2)  Bring your old wetsuits, bindings, gloves, handles, skis …. drop off at the Jr Dev Tent …. and let’s do a equipment sale – all proceeds go to Jr Dev!!!!!  You donate the equipment, others snag the equipment and put $$ in a jar …… 3)  more ideas are forming to beef up our Jr Dev bank account so we can bring more events to our youth next year ….. are you in?????

The Long Board

The Long Board

Jr Dev Raffle_Pic2

Flash T-8 to Regionals – The Membership Meeting

Hi there Ho there!!   Yup it’s meeting time ….. looking to drum up record participation for this years membership meeting to be held in the Pavilion @ Lake Holly Thursday after the competition concludes (estimated time being confirmed) …. following the meeting we will break into an Open Mic Night!  So bring your instruments, voices & dancing shoes!

For those inquiring minds below is the DRAFT agenda, if you feel there is a hot topic that needs to be addressed please contact Tonya Maurer (multitasking@comcast.net) w/ AGENDA TOPIC in the subject line (lots of emails rolling through right now).

Keep reading for more information …..

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T-11 – To Regionals – Friendly Reminders

The Lake Holly Ski Club looks forward to hosting Regionals this year and hopes everyone has a good time.  The site is picturesque, surrounded by forest.  As a result, there isn’t as much room for parking or to spread out like at Pangaea or Penfield.  The Lake Holly Ski Club would like to remind everyone of a few items.

  • We have had issues with dog fights in the past and we don’t want recurrences, particularly in areas of spectators and small children.  Therefore, a leash rule is in affect and pets must be more than 100 yards from the shore.
  • Golf carts, ATVs, and other motorized vehicles need to be limited to club members and officials only.  The site isn’t large, so there isn’t much need for a cart.
  • Parking might be tight, so please comply the marked off parking.
  • There is a designated drop off area for skis, fold-up chairs, whatever, at “the top of the hill”.
  • Lake Holly does not have camper hookups and there is limited parking available for RVs, travel trailers, and tent.  Please contact Lewis Fields at (252) 536-1037 to reserve a spot for camping.
  • Practice schedule – Please make sure you are at the starting dock ready to ski when your time slot begins.  If you miss your time slot, you will take your turn for any open slots.  Please allow for plenty of time to get to the site, especially if you are traveling I-95 South.

A few other items of note from the lake Holly Ski Club:

  • Parents of Juniors – The Junior Party will be at Pitts Pond, which is a recreational pond with slides, rope swings, and other fun items.  For a Junior to participate in the Junior Party, a Pitts Pond waiver must be signed by one of the Junior’s parents or legal guardians, regardless if the Junior is coming with another family.  This is not the USA Water Ski AWSA waiver. It is a separate waiver.  The waiver form can (or will be) will be posted at www.lakeholly.com
  • It takes a village.  If you are one of those like to keep busy and want to help, please feel free to volunteer.

Thank you,
The Lake Holly Water Ski Club

T-20 to Regionals – States Qualifications

Hey MD skiers …. the Diamond State tournament on 7/18-7/19 will be used for the MD State Championships. There is an entry limit (see guidebook) for the tournament, so get your entries in.

Reminder for all: State Champ Qualifications —> those that place first in their division/event will qualify for regionals if they haven’t already qualified via score (see guidebook).  Wishing everyone good look at the upcoming State Championships!!!

Drivers Clinic and Upgrade Event July 2015

If you are in need of a Drivers Clinic (Slalom & Trick), or are ready to test for your Assistant Slalom/Trick Driver rating or are ready to test for your Regular Slalom/Trick driver rating.

There will be a Drivers Clinic on Friday 7/17 @ Pangaea (those testing for ast ratings can test on Friday).   Those ready to upgrade would be tested on Saturday (7/18) and Sunday (7/19).

If you are looking to test, be sure to provide confirmation from US Water Ski headquarters stating you have met your qualifications.

Registration Required – please contact Tonya Maurer at multitasking@comcast.net by 7/13 so we have a head count!

Again event will happen at Pangaea Puddle in Canajoharie NY.

Tally Ho!!!

Flash (T-29 days) Update for Regionals

If you know of anyone that is looking to ski in our East Regionals but is not from our region – please pass the word that they need approval from their regional EVP along side myself (see the rule book for specifics on how this works). Requests are needed prior to July 16th. Per Rule: 4.03A